Product Review: Waterfi Waterproofed Ipod.

Living in Florida, it’s really pretty warm and humid 75% of the time.


So, as a result, my little iPod shuffles were suffering.  Seriously. I’d buy one, or ask for one as a gift and about 3-6 months later it would inexplicably die.  The cause it would seem was SWEAT.  I run with my iPod and tend to just hold it in a hand.  The shuffle is tiny so it fits easily and I can then change the music quickly.  I tried clipping it to a shirt, but the headphones cord would just flop around, so I carry it.  And they all died.  I have a little iPod graveyard.  So I tried putting the iPod in a little plastic baggie.  Yeah, humidity condensed on the inside of the baggie…making it even wetter.

I finally bit the bullet.  I was actually looking for a waterproof option, assuming it wouldn’t be an apple product. But as I surfed around… I found Waterfi the company which seems to specialize in waterproofed products.

Right away I saw a waterproofed iPod shuffle!


It does cost quite a bit more than a regular iPod shuffle.  The shuffle costs about 40.00 USD.  The Waterfi product is about 140 (the 154 is if you also buy the waterproofed headphones).  So I really thought about it for literally months.

I did eventually buy it some time I think in July.

It entirely works.  My awesome red iPod shuffle arrived, and has continued to work with no problems despite being drenched in sweat. I was delighted!!! I had music for all my runs, when I wanted it. The iPod didn’t short out, or stop mid run, nothing like that anymore. I was thrilled.  However…I am also a skeptic.  I didn’t want to write a review prematurely.  I had seen others swimming with a similar iPod at the lake, but it wasn’t me using the device.

After I got injured I was spending a lot of time doing this pool walking. After a few sessions, I was REALLY bored.  I remembered that I had this gem!  I pulled it out and have been happily walking with it in the pool for over a month now.  It may have been submerged once or twice even.  mostly though it’s been stuck to my swim suit strap and has had a lot of wet fingers adjusting volume or skipping songs.

Still working great.

A few things about the device.  With the waterproofing process the buttons are a bit stiffer and it’s a bit harder to press on them, but once you get used to that it seems natural.

They come in all the colors that normally would come with an iPod, so that’s pretty nice. I was able to get the RED one which was for AIDS awareness and was originally more expensive, but the waterfi one was the same price.  (of course, no money went to the AIDS relief either)…

Waterfi does come with a 2 year warranty, though it seems to be written in such legal terms that it seems that essentially Waterfi makes the final determination about if they want to replace a product or not.

SO… if you have a swimmer or water-exerciser on your list this is not a bad idea at all.  Not an inexpensive one, but knowing this is waterproof sure beats a plastic baggie and hope!

Rock on friends.

So now…we can all play in the rain, just like these awesome elephants!  Thanks WaterFi for a product that does exactly what it is supposed to do!



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