Spinal Dilemma

So somewhere around December 7th or 8th, my back/leg/etc started to feel much much better.

The outside of my calf and my right toes are still numb and feel “funny”  but in general, I have been able to walk, grocery shop, shower, shave my legs, etc…essentially take care of things.

That was a huge huge relief.

I have slowly SLOWLY been adding in more strengthening activities and some pool work into the fitness routine.  It is a bit rewarding to see that already some of my hard fought for strength that I lost is returning. getting-stronger

Not to where I was but returning indeed.  I am able to do more each week.

So what’s a girl to do when a large surgery is scheduled?

Well, firstly, we are gonna repeat that MRI.

It is entirely possible that this thing is “Healed”  as much as it can be and that the numbness I am feeling is a bit of a residual nerve damage that will slowly heal or remain forever the same. Nerves don’t just heal like skin.  (In my case skin takes forever to heal as well, though.) Nerve healing after a herniation seems to be about 12-18 months, so that clearly is going to take some time.  So if the nerve is healing and my extrusion is gone, well…I want to get to really training with a coach again, because right now I’m fooling about doing little bits and bobs and not really focused.

However if it is still messy in there then I need to make some decisions…like WHEN to do this.

When the injury was New…I was having miserable pain, and very obvious weakness.  My reflexes were gone in my leg.  During the first weeks of this injury standing and walking for even a few feet would sometimes lead me sobbing, laying flat waiting for the pressure to release. It was really something to remember.

Things are a lot better now. So, I’m not eager to return to that place, and I do know from people that at least for a day or two the nerves swell and that pain returns.

So now that I am not intermittently sobbing or collapsing, I have a lot of control over WHEN to get this procedure done.

If I do it as planned in February…it would be June that I would start swimming again possibly.  I’d miss the Bridge to Bridge Swim that I adore and probably not have enough time to train for the 8 miler in September.  Clearly if I wait until June…well, then I wouldn’t be able to swim Alligator Lighthouse.

And if I wait until September then I am eliminating some of the prime Florida running weather for the year with healing time.

So hard to know what to do.

I think it will all hinge on the MRI imaging.


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