Let’s look at 2014 Shall we?

2014 turned out to be kind of a nutty year.

Looking back at my goals I can see that I was feeling plenty optimistic about 2014…

I did some of what was on the goal sheet.  Not all.  Worst thing is that I did not make the entire year without major injury.  I had massive major injury, which did lead to a few discoveries, but lets talk about the good stuff first!

As far as running, I trained really very well. I worked well with my coach. We had a good year with ups and downs.  He had a baby, I had a herniated disc….which one of us is happier?

My biggest running highlight is Not, oddly, a race, but one particular workout which I won. (finally). For 3 years now, the Yasso 800 repeat workout shows up fairly regularly on my plan. It is a workout that I particularly loathe.  For me it is a workout which gives me the chance to feel as if I am wearing a crown of total glory, or one of Poo.

royal-crown03smtumblr_nato6fVnf61s2jlrho1_400For years the goal was to get to 10 800 repeats with a quarter mile rest in-between.  I’ve had so many failed ones, where I managed 4 of the 6 required for the week, or ran half a repeat and had to stop and start over again.  800’s are important, but they really produced a lot of anxiety in me. This year, I finally got over it and was able to just arrive, do the workout, and be done. I managed 11 800 repeats one day, because I find it a bit hard to count when simultaneously flirting with vomiting and dehyrdration. All the repeats were in my target pace range for the full marathon.  It was a great great moment. (the fact that I never was able to do the marathon kind of makes me cling to this as proof I was ready…)

Kind of strange that a workout would be my highlight, but I still smile when I think of that day. It’s a little bitter sweet, as it looks like I’ll not be able/allowed to train like that again in the future.

I started really doing open water swimming.  Prior to 2014 I had swam at Lucky’s Lake, a popular place, but as far as OWS, it’s pretty tame.  In 2014 I took on a 3.75 mile swim in the Indian River Lagoon which really did change things for me. It was one of the first things I attempted when I wasn’t 98% sure I could complete. A lot of people expressed doubt and I was proud to have finished right in front of the Mayor of the town of Melbourne. After that I managed a 2.5 mile swim in real Open water Ocean.  In addition I participated in the Alligator Lighthouse swim in the Keys, which didn’t work out that well due to Jelly Fish.  I’m glad I did this. I met a lot of new people and expanded my horizons.  Most importantly, and surprisingly, my confidence soared with each swim event, even the difficult Alligator lighthouse swim. Open Water Swimmers are a smaller group than runners. We all see each other at events so it has been nice to have that as a second thing that I “do”.  Plus I really don’t compete with my friends since they don’t really do it much.  So big plus…Open Water Swimming.

As far as my profession.

I am now Certified in Infection Prevention!  I do not have to do that again for 5 years.  Wahoo!!!

I have a new job which I think I will like a lot.

I was able to travel in August/September to Port Harcourt, Nigeria and assist with efforts to fight Ebola.  At the time it was, as it always is, a Huge hassle.  But…in the end I am very glad I went. I met some wonderful people, and some very not wonderful people.  I feel that we were able to make a difference, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to return to Africa.  Praying all the time for Ebola and Africa.


And I got 100% on the first round of CMS validation- a process which gave me horrific nightmares.

So Nice work in career department.

In the “other” department…

I got to volunteer at several events with friends, including the Princess Half Marathon and the Special Olympics.


And, I made some new pals in the lifeguards at the pool (New OWS kayak buddies! yes!) And ditched some people that were totally not healthy to be around for me.

The real bummer of the year was that in late october I had the herniated disk.  That thing is killing me.  I feel like a boat adrift  in a very big ocean without oars. We stopped the coaching which is appropriate, and in a way it’s a good time as new baby is all that is on anyone’s mind anyway, and there truly isn’t a lot to be done right now, but I miss our discussions and miss the common goal.  Despite this, I have had some remarkable healing since the injury and am very lucky to be able to move with relatively little pain at this point.  Looking forward to the repeat MRI and seeing what the new year brings.





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