Life’s little updates. Fitness, work, reading….

Good Morning from Sunny, very chilly Florida.  It’s colder elsewhere, but here it is cold enough that I slept in and skipped my planned lake swim.

I really have wanted to get back out to the lake as it will be my 25th crossing.  That said, it’s really rather cold.  I can do my 25th crossing any time in the future, and after getting out of the pool last evening and then struggling for hours to get warm again, I just decided to bag it.


I did wear more clothing that the young lady above.  But the idea of voluntarily putting myself into very cold lake water after that seemed sort of dumb.

As far as fitness and my crazy back injury.  I seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern. My nerve symptoms from the ruptured disc seem to be improving.  I note it less and less in the toe area, though the numbness to the top of my foot and outside calf are really present, it isn’t very bothersome.  Compare to numbness in fingers.  We use our hands a lot for a variety of things.  We do not use the outside of the calf for much in the way of sensory input.

I have FINALLY scheduled the repeat MRI for January 20th. I then have a follow up on the 29th to see what is going on inside.  0527267k6-BanderDesmenschen

I can tell how I feel, but I don’t know exactly what is going on.  I still have a variety of pain, and I can’t DO like I used to, but it’s hard to balance that between the weakness that developed from the forced inactivity, the normal aches that come from strengthening, or actual injury.  So I am excited about that.

I did gain a lot of weight.  WOW. I stepped on the scale and I was shocked, though I am not sure why as I had noted a lot of my clothes weren’t fitting right.

So project one has been to lose the weight.  SO far I am now about half a pound! Ha!

My Coach has been minimally helpful. I can’t decide if it is just that he has the new family addition, if he doesn’t have much to add, or if he wants to detach.  He sent me an email telling me my strength stuff looked good and to continue increasing the reps and such, so we are in contact, but frankly, there isn’t a lot of coaching to be done.  I think it’s an adjustment time for us both.  I did consider again going with a different coach, but I’m not one to start over again.

WORK.  Work is going pretty well at my CURRENT job.  My old job continues to contact me, and in some ways kind of harass me about things they either can not locate, or can not handle.  A new person starts on Monday and I am delighted to hand over any responsibilities to her.  At the time that I left, I was very attached, as I have now been gone 2 months, I really actually just want to cut that cord and be done with it.  My new facility owns 49% of my old facility which means they always look to us for guidance, but, my goal at the end of this is to simply not have anything to do with the old facility.  In the end, probably in the next 5-10 years my current facility will own the old facility….so I like to try to keep things nice, but it is hard. Some days I feel like screaming, I left for reason, leave me alone! But work work, the daily stuff is good.  I get along with most of the staff really well and I think once I get a daily routine down, I will really enjoy the lower stress level as well as the possibility to work on some more academic/research concerns.  It is also great to work with people who are actually reading and up to date on the latest quality measures, rather than spending most of my time educating and explaining them.

I have been reading again finally.  My Dad sent me a TON of books which I really appreciated.  Right now I am into Flannery- a biography of Flannery O’Conner.  And interesting woman.

Also looking again at home purchase.  Always make me nervous.  My lease on my apartment is not up until JULY, so that was upsetting to find out, but…it gives me some time to save and adjust.  Any Home purchase advice?  Spew it forth!


5 thoughts on “Life’s little updates. Fitness, work, reading….

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, but I hope you’ll take it easy and not try to push your body too hard. Take this winter cold as a time for a break!

    Check the neighborhood and the location of your house thoroughly before you put any money down! Our first house was very cute, but we overlooked that it was on a corner, meaning we had two sidewalks to take care of, something you might not be concerned about, though it was huge during the winter when we had to shovel the walks. We also had no privacy on one side of the house as people walking by would inevitably look through the windows while we were eating or watching TV. We also had an intersection in front, which was not exceptionally busy until summer came along, and we discovered people used our street as a shortcut to the nearby lake and beach. Then it was busy day and night, with not a few kids gunning their engines and playing their car stereos with the bass turned WAY UP.

    That led to our other discovery, that the house across the street was occupied by a single mom who was never at home and three teenaged kids. And a yappy little dog which was left chained outside, sometimes all night long. One of the kids drove his car into a nearby creek while drag racing down a residential street (not ours, thank goodness). Another shot our window with a pellet gun; I called the police, and all they did was confiscate the gun. The last straw was when my parents’ car was vandalized while they were visiting us; someone wrote racist graffiti with a marker on the windshield and threw eggs at it. We didn’t lose any money selling the house, but the charming old house we moved into was a money pit—one huge repair after another.

    In short: avoid a neighborhood where there is a nearby beach or ‘attractive nuisance’ and where there are teenaged kids. And do not buy a house on a corner lot, or which needs a lot of repairs or remodeling, unless you enjoy spending your weekends as a home handywoman.

    • I probably should have prefaced my home buying statement with the fact that I am looking in a planned community for people over 55 (I am one of the 20% allowed under 55). So No one living there permanently under 18…planned walking paths, and it is being built now as a new home, so I would hope no repairs to be done for a long long time. I owned an older home in NC and learned that I do not enjoy yard work at all, and that I don’t like fixing up a home…so I’m taking those lessons learned and moving forward… LOL. I can’t control for the happy dogs though!

  2. With your lifestyle I would go for minimal outside work – maybe townhouse not house with white picket fence? Here we request a builders inspection before the contract goes unconditional and not a builder the realtor suggests.

    • Yes!!!! I am probably going to put the payment down on essentially a condo where all the outside work is done for us, and at least the interior will be my specifications…. I do not like to do yard work…

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