Home Purchase and wait….

So today I verbally contracted to essentially put down a rather large sum of cash for a home…


It is not a free standing home.


It will be the end one on the left.

Right now it looks kinda like this:


It will be a really nice home for me when it is finished, which will be in June.  So now the waiting starts!

I keep imagining and fooling around with my pinterest board to think about decor. One thing that is so cool about decor right now is the new vinyl press ons.


( uh yeah, no my house will not have owls..)  I’m thinking this is an excellent way to decorate because if I decide one day I hate it, you just pull the vinyl off!

One thing that I’ve realized when people buy homes is that they imagine all sorts of things….many unrealistic things.  In truth, if you weren’t one to throw any kind of party in your old home, it’s unlikely you will become an eager host.

I surely caught myself thinking, “I could have this sort of table for hosting game night”  Then I bust out laughing because I do not host game night, I don’t go to game night and I only know about 3 people across the nation who are into that.  After that Ah Ha moment,  I focused on what I actually DO regularly and the house did seem to fit my needs.  It’s a touch small for a family gathering of my sister and BIL, my parents and their kids, but I figure if that ever occurs, the kids can camp out on couches and on the screened porch.

I also had to stop myself from thinking I would really enjoy the one optional HUGE open kitchen.  Who am I kidding, I do not enjoy cooking….even with a new kitchen I won’t.

I got a little overly happy pinning brand new furniture, and then realized….DUH!  I live in Florida…. the place old people go to die So there are frequent and full Estate Sales.  I DREAM of finding a Florida highwayman original painting for about 30.00 but that is probably not gonna happen…I guess it could, there are 29 of them but… Willie Daniels is my favorite.

My biggest question is how much can one save when shopping an estate sale?  I have learned a few tips through sleuthing through the internets.

  1.  Be careful with upholstered furniture…someone may have had a wee on it!!!!
  2. Don’t expect to find extremely valuable antiques….(or Florida Highwaymen paintings) as the family generally knows what they have and have removed those items.
  3. Bring Cash and your own moving crew!
  4. Be Cautious and only haggle a lot if you are willing to lose the object.
  5. You can put yourself on a list to be notified of upcoming sales
  6. You can even make a “treasure tracker” on said list.  Mine alerts me to “cherry furniture”

But again no one tells me what a fair price is for a full Dining room set.

I read stories of people paying 25-50 for a full set. This would be amazing and ideal…I guess I will learn by going. I need a few items that I’ve lived without in the apartment.

And heck, even if I don’t find an original Florida Highwaymen piece, I know I can find tons of imitations as they were an interesting art group but not particularly inventive….I’m not sure how the highway men will fit into my other decor and in the end I think I will end up with what is typical- a hodge-podge of decor. Africa plays heavily…

Soooo….waiting for June!

7 thoughts on “Home Purchase and wait….

  1. Congratulations! Putting money down on a new home is a bit daunting, but I’ll bet you’ll love it. Will lawn care and building upkeep be taken care of by an HOA? Or will you also be buying a lawn mower and a tool box along with new furniture? 🙂

    I would add, don’t buy used upholstered furniture at all, as they also can carry fleas and bedbugs in them. A friend bought what appeared to be a beautiful leather couch for her living room. She noticed a week later that her dogs were all scratching furiously, but she didn’t put things together until one evening, when she fell asleep on the couch and woke up with bites all over her backside and legs. She discovered the cushions were infested with flea eggs, apparently from the previous owners’ many cats. She had to hire an exterminator. an expense she didn’t foresee when she got a “deal” on that couch.

    • Lawn and landscaping and roofing etc are covered by HOA. I guess when people retire, no one wants to do any kind of yard work.

      Upholstered stuff is such a risk! Luckily I do have a great couch/loveseat set, so that will not be the first on my list!

  2. How exciting! It looks like the perfect place for you. Great that you are on an end too! Good luck.

    The one problem we found when we were building was that we always like the tiles or taps or light fittings that were not in our price range, and of course ended up going over budget. So leave yourself some wriggle room.

    • Oh No kidding!!! I checked out the taps and shower heads carefully yesterday and they are pretty acceptable. one issue when you look at a model is that sometimes they include the upgrades and one thinks that is standard. No crown molding in my house, which actually I was relived about as it looks as if would gather dust. The end units have a bit more windows so that was important to me. I am looking forward to being done with it, actually the whole move thing is such a pain.

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