Getting ready…

Can I firstly say that I’m not really a fan of some of the new Word Press features, they aren’t better, they are just different.

Anyway I’m getting ready for surgery now.

My back is actually starting to hurt more and more.  At the time of the injury it was really mostly my right leg that had the pain.  Now, I had the nerve symptoms, but actual pain to both my left and right side of my back. Yahoo.  I would like it to Go.  We’ll see.

I am awaiting the Approval of my Request for Medical Leave. I should hear tomorrow.  I hope it is approved because I really can not wait any longer, I hurt.  I have stopped taking motrin and aspirin so that I do not bleed all over the place, so my pain is more noticeable.

So I’m just waiting on that.

Today was encouraging.

I spoke to the one person that I had considered coaching with before I went with skeletor.  L. was pretty open to the situation and stated right away, “Yeah, I do want to help you, a lot.  We can get you back on track after the surgery”   He did ask if I was still coaching with Skeletor and looked as shocked as I must have when I said, no not really.

Admittedly we never had the formal…lets not do this anymore conversation, but I feel it’s over and I’m not willing to “reconcile”

Despite that….he still was willing to work with me.  Immediately saying, “You know how to email me, so keep in touch and let me know whats going on.”  It was really very nice.

IM Dave gave me another Pep talk today. I love him and his wife (who is more of a pal to me)  dearly.  He really has me believing that this will improve my situation and that I will return without limits.

The only dd thing was the snarky ladies of the locker room.  Man, I have got to avoid that lockerroom!


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