Post Operative….

I had the Disk removed on Monday.  Everything seemed to go pretty well. A few hours after surgery the Physical Therapist came and got me up and we went walking in the hallway a bit.  I sat a bit in a chair and ate some ice cream.  I drank and drank and piddled back and forth to the bathroom.

Day two, I walked up some steps and went on a few longer walks in the hospital hallways and eventually was D/C to my home. I saw the PA again, who I dislike, but he was tolerable.    I was so glad to be home…until day 3.

Day 3 is often the worst day, and for me it was.  I had a lot of pain in my right leg when sitting or standing.  Once seated or upright the pain would go away but I was seriously pacing the apartment because I was afraid to sit down….

My friend Cindy brought me a pizza.  I got up and ate some and that was nice.  I started to note that pretty much all my symptoms are still there. I am not having any more pain shooting in to the left leg, however, and some of the low back pain in the right is gone. I just still have some altered sensation to my right foot, which frighteningly gets worse when I walk. It makes me worry that some part of the disc that was left over has just oozed out.  Still, it isn’t painful, So I may have a strange sensation in my right toes forever…or for a few more months…who knows?

I don’t think I really understood how hard “don’t bend”  would be as an instruction.


It is what we do.  We bend, we lift, we twist all about. I keep dropping things and can’t pick them up.  So currently if I want to watch TV I have to watch the channel it’s on because I dropped the controller.  Someone will be by today and pick it up for me, and I seem just fine without TV, but really…really? Wow.

My Massage therapist also came last evening and he helped me get back into bed. Having people come by has been immensely helpful.  I wish someone would just kick up their heels and stay.  But everyone else has lives to attend to.

I’m also in awe of people who said they returned to driving on day 3. I’m starting to think they have no actual memory of this. I can not imagine piloting a car right now. I can’t even seem to get in the shower.  Plus if I remove any clothing, I have to be careful not to drop it, because then I can’t pick it up!!!

I know it could be worse.  I have a friend coming today to try to take me to the gym for walking.  I wanted to see people and feel encouraged, but now…I’m not so sure.  We’ll see….

On the plus side, my Mortgage was conditionally approved out of underwriting.

Maybe things will start to look up by tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Post Operative….

  1. Did the hospital send you home with some sort of care plan other than “don’t bend?” I’m dismayed that you aren’t able to shower or have someone pick up stuff for you while you’re in recovery.

    Hang in there! Maybe it takes awhile before the effects of the surgery can really take hold. In the meantime, I’m sending prayers and thoughts your way.

    • There is a care plan, and a follow up next week. Both the hospital and my surgeon have called to check on me. I have had people coming by frequently, the bigger issue was what I needed and when, and I had no idea. Luckily this morning I woke up feeling a lot better. I don’t need any pain medicine and I’m moving better. pretty exciting. My first two toes remain numb, but I knew that was a risk…THere’s still hope that this could improve, but I do note that the pain I was living with for months is mostly gone, and I do feel much better!

  2. Believe me I get it.. This is day 8 after my hip replacement. 3 days hospital and I chose to take another 3 in aftercare which i think was a good idea .. even though it was a not up to par .. the P/T was good!
    Not bending , twisting ,turning stretching etc is very difficult for me also..
    Tony has been great – but I hate asking for help .. Then he gets annoyed because I give him instructions on ‘how to’ do everything 🙂
    Take care of yourself .. Do your P/T ..
    Hope u have a speedy recovery!!!!

    • I could have used about 3 days in an after care. Actually I think I just didn’t know what I’d need. I had a lot of people come by, which I never allowed with my hip surgery. The problem really was When should they come…what could they do. This morning I think I may have turned the corner. Moving is easier so I am so hoping that it gets better from here.

  3. Someone needs to get you one of those long handled litter picker uppers to lift clothes from the floor! You are so brave. I think that just going home makes us so tired that our pain levels go up too. Take care.

    I have meaning to say that I love the new look blog too.

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