Better days…

After walking on the Treadmill last evening, my right leg felt tighter and more miserable.  I wondered if I had completely overdone it.  The PA  who called me yesterday just said “Don’t walk 3-4 miles”.  I walked 0.30 miles in 17 minutes. I didn’t think that qualified as overdoing it. Despite that, I noted that my pain situation when sitting or standing was increased.  I still can’t tell if it is the piriformis muscle that is in deep deep spasm, or if it is the sciatic nerve that is irritated.  If it’s the piriformis, I can help that with a foam roller, but if it is the nerve, I just have to wait for it to calm.

Anyway, when getting up this morning, I firstly delayed and stayed in the bed for about an hour longer than I needed to.  I finally admitted to myself that I was afraid to get up.  Upon rising, I found that while the pain was still there it was easier to deal with.  Either I am used to it, or it is lessening.

I’m also not having much pain anymore at all.  The only thing that is perplexing is the persistence of numbness to my first two right toes. Now, I know that could remain forever, or take 18 months to fully leave, so I need to be patient.  I was rather hoping that sensation would be gone, but no…

Still that said, I’m feeling a lot better.  A friend is bringing me soup for lunch and has promised to tidy my home, which is great- if she would just pick up some of my shoes to an area where I could reach them, that is really all I need.

It is a relief to be feeling better, because I was kind of wondering exactly how I was going to be able to go back to work after next week.  I have a variety of things I am needing to do- get the dog from the vet, send documents for mortgage, and go to work…and last night it didn’t seem like I’d really be able to do any of these things.  Today…I’m starting to feel as if I could…though I do wish i had some “slip on” shoes other than flip flops.

My car comes back to me today which is a relief, not because I wanted to drive anywhere, but because I realized my wallet and my checkbook are both in there and a bill I need to pay, for 5.00 is in the car as well.  Hopefully I can find it because in my rush on Surgery Day I remember tossing things around.  I remember thinking that wasn’t the best idea, but then…I was not really focused on anything except the impending incision.

So Yay for feeling more alert and awake.  Boo for no bending…It really does make cleaning a bit of a challenge.


3 thoughts on “Better days…

  1. A little bit at a time….some days will feel like steps forward and some steps back, but eventually you will be making forward progress. It sounds like it is already happening, which is great.

    Don’t get too discouraged…its a slow process. And be encouraged….this was a better day! 🙂

  2. Holly, so glad you are improving so quickly. I feel 1 step forward 2 steps back. Being on my feet all day has made the pain progressively worse as the day wears on. I REALLY. wanted to go to the Mount Dora Art a Festival this weekend. No such luck 😚

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