Turn of events….

So today I am feeling lousy.

I did what I could, I got dressed, walked about a half a mile out in the neighborhood, had a snack and then DROVE to the gym.

The gym is 2.2 miles away in a small town, so that feat wasn’t really impressive.

My plan was loosely to walk on the Treadmill and then try to get a plastic bag over my bandage and take a real shower.  My apartment shower is awful and I prefer the gym walk in shower.

By the time I got to the gym, I really really did not want to walk on the treadmill.  I walked back to talk to my friend Kathy and just standing there was enough, it was sort of hard to stand upright, have conversation and breathe at the same time.

She gave me some interesting advice about apple cider vinegar, which I am going to try.  It can’t hurt, and has helped her after her arm surgery – after which she had horrific unplanned numbness in her hand. Kathy has been a fun person to know. Since I injured my back, her husband, who has a horrific back situation, has taken an interest and has become one of my biggest supporters. He has listened to me whine, complain, cheer, cry you name it.  For a man, he is incredibly patient.  In short, I love both of them.

As I was talking to her she shared that her husband had horrific numbness in his foot for months after his surgery.  Suddenly I relaxed. Abductor Nerves2

There are a lot of nerves coming off the L5/S1 area. While removing this material, the surgeon necessarily does touch on some of the nerves, plus, in my case, the nerve had been compressed for months.  So suddenly it dawned on me.  My nerve is SUPER Irritated.


Just because they removed the irritant…well, it isn’t going to just behave all nice and say “Thank you so much”  It is going to swell up, and as things try to heal I really am going to have different sensations. I think of the situation a bit like when you have your foot in a shoe and sprain your ankle.  It all seems fine till you remove the shoe and suddenly your foot swells to enormous sizes.  I wish the surgeon would have explained that in terms I understood. So today already my left calf has started to burn incredibly, and my toes have regained sensation several times and then lost it again. With this realization, I have relaxed.  My main hope is that by the end of next week, when I am due to return to work, I am feeling a little more improved than today. I still feel weak and very very tired.

Really hopeful to get back to training in about 2 months.  All this TV watching has just left me wanting to do crazy things, like take European River Cruises!….

Oh I should add, my work has been AWESOME. The day of surgery my fellow IP brought me the most best soup ever. In the evening I got a call from another IP, the next few days included supportive texts and calls…I really can’t wait to truly settle into my new job.  Hopefully without a leg on fire!

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3 thoughts on “Turn of events….

  1. That is a very good point about the nerve having been compressed for so long, and then with things being fiddled with during surgery, it’s not at all surprising that it will take awhile for things to settle down.
    I am glad this came to you and it makes perfect sense! So good to have supportive peeps around!

  2. Very good point about nerve compression as well as nerves being swollen & irritated. Hang in there…. It’s hard not to get depressed. Think happy thoughts!

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