Turtle Pace Progress

So…it seems my surgeon and the PA were correct to let my inflamed foot and leg sit.  Yesterday I awoke with a lot more feeling in my toes.  I immediately took myself for a half mile walk and while walking the numbness did creep back into my toes, but it was less noticeable than prior days.  I started to take some high dose Ibuprofen to help with the swelling, and it was really nice to have somewhat more normal function to the foot.  This was a huge confidence boost.  It was very frustrating to have the surgery and feel pretty much the same as I did prior, with added limitations to activity!

I was also lucky to have a sympathetic friend pick me up and take me to a great breakfast.  It was great to see her and we chatted happily about everything and nothing.

The cafe though had these horribly squishy seats in the booths.


I really struggled to remain seated without having a problem. In retrospect if I go there again soon, I am going to sit in the section they have with chairs, not booths. As a result, I got home, stretched out on the couch and fell asleep for hours. Sitting up in a squishy booth is hard work…

I have high hopes that I will regain most of the sensation to my toes in the coming months.  But one never knows with nerves. The literature says it can take up to two years. (yay?)  I also hope the nerve root to go to completely normal size and not be compressed when I am up and walking about. My anxiety level is super low and I feel pretty good.  Just the usual frustrations with no bending, lifting or twisting.  I’m fairly sure I’ve been doing all of those things on a fairly regular basis since the surgery.  I’m not lifting anything heavy, I’m not bending on purpose and the twist thing…well. one would think it was my favorite thing ever.  The PT at the hospital was surprised when I accidentally twisted to do something and had no pain or knowledge of doing it.  I try not to because apparently it can create extra scar tissue which can be painful.

Now, I’m just a bit lazy and bored.  I am getting the dog back today which will be interesting.  I’m looking forward to having him back, sort of…TeuluBut I also find that he can be sometimes quite demanding, and I’m not really in the mood for demanding.  At the same time, I need to get up and walk more, and he is a good companion for that.  I’ve been walking the past 2 days around the complex where I live and I feel funny without him, especially since I am not walking very fast at this point in time.

It is very nice to feel a little bit relaxed about everything.  I wish wish my nerve would calm on down, and I keep coming up with all sorts of things in my mind to fix it, like another steroid pack, or something.  It’s all pretty silly as it really is just a wait and see kind of thing and I shouldn’t be doing things that are not recommended.

I am super excited about my new coach.  He hasn’t been all over me yet but has been deep in discussion with a few others about how to progress me from Lump to Gazelle….


I find recovery always so strange.  For me it’s usually AWFUL, then I have one day where I wake and everything is suddenly bearable, and then I get used to the bearable and I want perfect….and then…eventually I just am whatever I’m going to be…..


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