Yes, I am an athlete….

So, living in this community of professional and semi-pro triathletes, Olympians, and what not…

(Yes, the video is kind of cheesy but…it kind of shows my life. We are growing but I’m fairly sure it’s not as robust as the video emphasizes.) I occasionally feel like I just sort of pretend to be into fitness.  Now that I’ve been injured for a bit, I feel very out of condition….my follow up appointment reminded me that I’ll probably be an athlete for life.

I went for my 2 week follow up today.  Thankfully it went very well. I saw the PA and he was pleasant. I do have some sensory issues with my first two toes.  They are very frustrating.  The PA said he really is not worried about them at this point. It apparently is pretty common for symptoms to come and go for several months after this procedure.  He did reassure me that there are some things that can be done if that symptom hangs around “forever”.  He explained that the disc fragment they had removed was pretty big, so big they sent the thing to pathology for measurement.  At the appointment he didn’t have the measurement, but I’ll be curious as to how much bigger than normal it was.  I also wonder if that isn’t standard procedure, and he told that to me to make me feel somehow special…we all want to think we are somehow “special”  and exceptional.  I kind of home my surgery follows the most normal and expected course possible.

I explained to him that the insurance company had called asking if I needed home health services.  I told them I thought I was doing ok because at that time I could walk about a half mile twice a day.  He kind of looked at me and said, uh OK, yeah…like most people are having trouble walking down the driveway by now- and you think that you might be ok walking over half a mile a day… yeah… you might be ok… are fine.

He then told me I could lift a maximum of ten pounds.


And So I immediately said, Ah so I can start to work with Coach K.  He was like, uh…no, uh who is coach K? YEAH.  I can lift 10 pounds… at the grocery store.


Not like at the gym.  The PA looked baffled. Then he laughed. He said I could do 5 reps at a time if I really really wanted to….I decided right away that this was a really good way to get hurt, and said, yeah…for the next 4 weeks I’m sticking to walking.

He finally said, you know, working with you is really different from others. I realized then how important communication is when your activities are so very different from the norm.  We had so many opportunities for me to really mess myself up during that appointment just by the way the PA communicated…when he said lift…i assumed he meant weights, not gallons of milk. It’s also important to own who you are.  I’m certainly not what makes my little town the “choice of champions”  but…


I have the conditioning that allowed me to go from having a back surgery to walking 3 miles a day 7 days later, and the dedication to realize that this is going to place me where I need to be for the future.

I admit after just a visit to the doctor, lunch out, a short grocery visit, and a short walk with the wonder dog, a nap sounds delightful.  Here’s hoping some more energy returns as I need to return to work on Monday.


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