Toes Woes

Happy Valentines Day Readers!

In light of the recent measles outbreak and the insane vaccination craziness I bring you this vintage greeting.


I had a pretty nice day.  I think a lot of people think that single people freak out on valentines day.


But really I tend to think most of us do not care.  I knew I wasn’t going to be surprised with roses, or chocolates, or dinners etc.  I was not disappointed at all.

I spent the day trying to be ready for work on Monday and doing the usual rehab type exercises.

My toes were slightly better today. In fact when I am laying down…I only feel the littlest bit of altered sensation, not bothersome at all.

When standing I continue to have some issues with temperature sensation (instead of thinking a cold tile floor is cool, my foot sends the message to my brain that it is Wet and slippery…) and that feeling that a sock or something is bunched up under it.


I suppose it is slowly getting better.  When I think about how slow nerves heal and repair, I guess it is going along rather rapidly. If it doesn’t get much better than this, I should be able to figure out how to manage with it. I realized today that my right calf also still has funny sensation in it….since we rarely use our calf for anything sensory…I had not really noted it.

So I’m now in that odd recovery time frame. I feel OK…not fabulous.  My activities are severely restricted…and EVERYTHING from getting into the car, to doing laundry seems like it takes a long time and has a lot of “fussy” steps to doing it correctly. I admit, i miss being able to just curl up in any position I felt like on the couch. Now, I worry that “It’s out of alignment”  or “It might put pressure on the healing nerve”  Oye Vey.

I’m a bit anxious about my return to work…firstly I will have to jump right in and I find I’m still really tired a lot of the time.  Secondly, I will have to deal with my replacement at the other hospital.  We planned for her to have training for a week.  She decided she needed only half a day. Now…apparently…she thinks it’s fine to just call me and expect me, or someone else, to just drop everything at her convenience. Grrrrr.

Nice thing is that while this lady is somewhat sensible, I find that people do miss me.  You always want your replacement to be OK, efficient, but it never bothers when that person is “just not you”….

So we’ll see if the next days bring more toe relief or not….


5 thoughts on “Toes Woes

  1. The school district I work for has a wait-and-see approach to the measles outbreak. We’ve seen no cases here (yet), but they’ve said they haven’t eliminated the idea of refusing to let unvaccinated students into school. That said, one of the high schools had a TB scare when a student was discovered to have a fairly advanced case of the disease. Her parents and grandparents apparently didn’t think she was seriously ill until she began coughing up blood. Teachers, students and their parents are quite shaken by it: even people who weren’t anywhere near the student are going in for TB tests.

    I’m glad you’re okay! I know you want to be terrific, but read the posts you wrote prior to surgery and you’ll see how far you’ve come. When I first read those, I was very concerned that you were injured to the point of becoming disabled. It’s really heartening to read that you’re able to walk about—you’re actually going to the gym, something I’d never do in recovery!

    You should gloat a bit about your previous workplace missing you. Given how badly you were treated while they had you, they should be forced to think about their behavior a bit. (If they even think it’s their fault. Some places don’t admit they’ve made mistakes and think it’s always someone else’s responsibility.)

    • I am doing ok which IS good. I seem to have the memory of a goldfish. I have to really think to remember how much pain I was in when this first happened. I mean, I literally came very close to losing consciousness in the office. But now that’s gone…all I can think about is Running and races and long swims and things I’m missing out on.

  2. Good luck at work tomorrow. Take it nice & easy. Break prn as needed. Those toes will gradually heal & feel again. The REPLACEMENT person will always be just that…. A Replacement. Keep the focus in your healing.

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