First Week…

I returned to work this week.

Monday was pretty difficult.  I actually felt pretty desperate.  My supervisor took me walking around to some of my new units.  It wasn’t any more than I had been doing, but..I just struggled for the rest of the day. By the time I got to the gym my foot was bothering me…but I walked away like a dummy.

Tuesday my supervisor was in a foul mood, so…that made my day particularly difficult.  She may not really be the perfect fit for supervisory material, but she is what I have. Luckily I got given my ICU by another team member who has had that extra ICU for months now.  She was glad to be rid of it, and I was THRILLED to have an ICU back. Unfortunately my foot was giving me fits.  I did not feel great. I actually had to lay flat on the floor for quite some time to try to get the neurological symptoms under control.  I walked on the treadmill and felt just lousy.

It helps to go to the gym, because I see all my friends…..but it also hurts because I also see people who are NOT my friends, and it’s kind of the beginning of Triathlon training season, so suddenly the gym really is full of people starting to suffer….while I trudge on the mill.


After that walk I had a conversation with a friend, and of course the topic was my back.  Most people assume I had some sort of back pain…I guess people don’t really understand much about discs, nerves, muscles…Suddenly I realized that all of this walking wasn’t going to heal me.  The nerve needs calm. So I resolved to just not go to the gym on Wednesday.

As these things work, I awoke on Wednesday feeling much much improved. The altered sensation had centralized a bit more, so it involved less of my foot. Work went fine – I was getting used to being back.  In fact, I felt so good by the end of the day that I got home, put on my gym stuff and enjoyed a nice boring treadmill walk.

I have not had too much improvement since Wednesday, but..I also haven’t had a lot of worsening.

So…Good to be back at work.

Appears my Mortgage is approved.  Whee!!!!  Now the stress of handling that move!


6 thoughts on “First Week…

  1. Yay for your own house! Congratulations! Moving will be a pain in the butt, yes, but you will so love living in your own place.

    Coming back from a severe injury is a lonely journey. It’s painful just to see how many people don’t get why you’re not able to do all the things you did when you were healthy and whole. Hang in there and give yourself lots of slack. 🙂

    • There’s a lot that just don’t know I had any kind of injury or surgery. Those are the ones that just kill me, but… it all works out. I just wish it would heal faster… No move until June, so…I’ve got some time! Thanks! I am pretty excited about the house.

  2. Sounds like things are definetly looking up! and .. What could be better than your own home .. All the best to u!! and by June you ‘ll be back in shape to do all the movin..
    4 wks for my hip and much like u i’am getting impatient .. But things r moving right along.
    Take care and take your time.

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