I’ve now survived the weekend after the first week at work.

I feel a little bit off.


I remember this time after my last surgery. I couldn’t be that active, I was not sure the surgery had been successful, and things were quite uncertain.  This passes. Just like last time I find myself exploring all sorts of craziness.

I started playing “Candy Crush Saga”  On Facebook.  Unknown-2

Seriously, it is such a waste of time, and I don’t quite get the obsession with it, but I keep playing it.  I don’t know.

I have been assured that very little can derail my mortgage at this time, so I have sat back and kind of relaxed a bit and indulged in a TINY bit of planning.  Mostly, reigning myself and my Pinterest board for my house back in. I had hoped to have enough left over to furnish the home in one fell swoop, but it looks like I will probably have a home like most people…cobbled together with pieces of furniture from friends, parents, yard sales and such.  Of course, I live in Florida, (the place old people go to die) so Estate Sales happen frequently and there is usually some very good items there.  I am thinking of looking for an upgrade on my coffee maker at them.  I have also decided to convert my fish tank into a terrarium.  I don’t know that I have the patience to balance out the pH and such for a gorgeous tank.  images-2

I’ve always liked terrariums and I think it would be interesting to watch a small micro-universe created in a 55 gallon tank.  So that’s my distractions from the obvious main issue in life.


I am STILL having some issues with my toes/back.  I have gotten so “pro-active” that I have started drinking apple cider vinegar. The stuff is VILE! It is touted for a lot of health benefits- weight loss, diabetes control, you name it.  It is not promoted for nerve health, but I know a relatively logical woman who started to drink it after her hand went numb after surgery and her numbness has disappeared.  She was like…could be a coincidence, or not… So…I looked into it.  Vinegar itself is not harmful, so I decided why not try it out. I’ve had 2 doses so far and enjoyed neither one, nor have I felt any particular miracle improvement.  I have not gotten worse though.  It takes time and is frustrating.

I also signed up like a crazy person for the Swim for the Alligator Lighthouse.

It’s a huge long swim.  about 9 miles.  I know that training will be fine for this, and while sometimes I’m a little slow…I usually can keep going. The two challenges are the nasty Jelly Fish and making sure I swim fast enough for the cut off.  If the weather is better this year it should be easier.

Signing up cheered me up a lot.  Now if I could actually get into any body of water.

Follow up is the 3rd week in March, so I have a long way to wait for that clearance.

So it’s a lot of wait and see.  I’m definitely “over” the surgery…now I am just waiting to see if I can either get used to the deficit or if it will go away.  I sure wish it would go.  The longer I go without seeing a slight improvement, the less positive I feel, but…who knows, maybe apple cider vinegar is the secret?


3 thoughts on “Transitions.

  1. Someone told me to mix the cider vinegar with a glass of tea or juice to make it more palatable, but I could still taste the bitter-sour flavor of the stuff. I don’t know if it works as well if you dilute it, either. Maybe worth a try? But good to hear you are feeling better. Remember not to push yourself too hard: you need to heal!

    I love terrariums as well, but the last time I tried to keep one, mildew killed off all of my plants. It was too warm and humid in the room I kept it in. I had better luck with fish, though eventually, I switched to fancy goldfish because they aren’t as picky as tropical fish are about water quality.

  2. You can dilute it. I don’t really care that it taste bitter, when i tried to drink it straight, it just about burned my throat though. Since everything gets diluted in your stomach anyway, I think it’s fine. It may be getting better, or a weekend of trying to rest it may have made it better. Hard to tell. Oh I am going to have to be careful of mildew. Yuck!

  3. The terrariums are beautiful! I have a 50 gallon aquarium with convict cichlids in it. I have to do a water change today. That will be a big job. Then I can water all my houseplants with the aquarium water.
    A 9 mile swim! WOW. That’s a long way. But, it sound like swimming would be really good for healing, so I hope you get to do a lot of it!

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