Moving onwards!

So week two back on the job after having the microdiscectomy.

It was in some ways easier and some much harder.

Big highlight of the work week- we got our lab coats, so now when we walk around we look “official”.  Some hospitals are not this way but ours is a cult of the lab coat- everyone has one. Our acting director was great as had them smartly embroidered with our name, credentials and the hospital logo.  Silly, but I do like mine a lot. (Great pockets in it!)

The week was easier in that I actually am now beginning to get comfortable with the system of doing things at the facility.  For example, at my old facility I did a lot of the analysis when an infection occurred. In the new facility we notify the floor and give the details and then they do a “deep dive” review and supposedly come up with an action plan.  As you might imagine, this is a bit easier on me, and if the unit itself comes up with an action plan, it’s more likely to be implemented than if I tell them what to do.

I’m starting to remember all the pieces that go with submitting an infection- where to file forms online, who to send things to, who people are and so on.

I suspect now that prior to the surgery I was in more pain than I recall because I really do not remember any of the stuff I did.  Big Blur.


So this is good.  I like being able to connect the dots better.

On the other side, I started to try to increase my miles on the treadmill. Generally when one has had an injury, or surgery the goal is to slowly increase time and distance and endurance. So I set about doing so. Monday marked my fastest and highest miles (3 whole miles ha ha ha).  By Tuesday, I could not really remain seated in a chair for more than about 8 minutes.  Luckily I do have a door on my office and I can work a bit standing up.  I was however TERRIFIED that I had reherniated, or that this was it… I would endure this sort of thing forever. This is distressing, and extremely painful.  As in more pain for a day than before the procedure. So, it was kind of the dominant thing all week.

Luckily, I found another physician’s web page advertising his services that explained my sudden increase in pain. As he explained, walking after the surgery is very important because it reduces the amount of scar tissue that can form (and can be very painful in the back when one is allowed to bend and twist again). The other side of the coin is that the nerve root that was compressed and is healing is also irritated somewhat by walking. So it’s a balance.


I had overdone it. After this realization, I utilized my muscle relaxers and even narcotic medications to promote sleep at night. I reduced my walking and even took an entire day off from the gym. This is apparently unusual because one of the trainers called saying he was worried that something had happened since I never came that day.  By Friday, I was feeling more energy and a decrease in symptoms! I am so relieved about this. I also feel quite pleased as I was about to call the surgeon’s office, and instead was able to figure it out on my own!

The other bright spot in the week – I firmed up the new coaching agreement. Coach K and I had a nice long chat in regards to the Alligator Lighthouse Swim, what I should be doing now, and how things are in general.  I am such a sucker for approval.  We talked for a long time and he stated he would only coach me if I would clean up my diet. This has been a long standing enormous problem for me, and while my old coach left it alone, Coach K says he just felt it was always the missing piece for me. He then added that he has been super impressed with how I just keep going with whatever I have. (Apparently he works with at least 2 other people who had back injuries who have become somewhat less than ideal coach-ees, with a lot of excuses etc). He also expressed interest coming to help supervise my swim….at least for the training swim, which is pretty cool.  We will see what happens, but I feel confident that I have a good person to work with again, which is also a relief, as I start to look at that long swim.  I’m not thinking too much about running right now, after my week of pain and wild burning, aching, throbbing, prickly feeling in my leg and glutes I feel pretty good concentrating on the walking and hopefully in a few weeks the swims.

so we’ll see, right now, it’s totally beyond me, so I can share the video from tobymac right?


One thought on “Moving onwards!

  1. It sounds like things are progressing well in all fronts! Your comment about work and feeling good about remembering where to send stuff and who the players were hit home with me – I’m finally learning who the important contacts are with my new role (it only took me six months! LOL), so you’re doing great there! 🙂

    Have a great weekend and give The furry boy a treat from his NC friends.

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