Cold March-ing in

We’ve really had some wild weather lately.  Sure, it’s tame, but this week we went from a high of 90 to a high of 60 in one day.  I keep putting away my winter coat and having to get it back out…

All is going “ok”

I’ve been trying to eat a lower carbohydrate diet for my new coaching.  No surprise here, it is difficult to do and not the most pleasant of meals.  On the plus side, I can eat bacon, which I really like.  On the minus side, carbohydrates are in a lot of things, and surprise me all the time.  I really have not lost any weight, but I also have not gained any, so…it’s a bit of a frustration.  I may just go back to counting calories.  Like the rest of the nation, I use My Fitness Pal to track food intake and exercise.  It’s been very helpful.  I love the bar code feature, if you are preparing anything that had a bar code on it (even for example, fresh cauliflower that has a bar code on the tag.).  I see a lot of great low carb recipes, but so far the two I’ve tried have ben only so -so and very difficult to prepare.  So…we’ll see!

My leg seems to have settled on down and I am no longer having the burning “leg on fire” sensation for about a week now.  That is a huge relief.  My first two toes on the foot remain with some altered sensation, but it is better than it was before, but I’m not noting any improvement now, so this may be what i get.  I do wonder how that foot is going to feel when I start running again, but that’s not for a long time now.  I’ve been able to increase my walking and hopefully in a few weeks I can start swimming again.  I feel a sense of relief that my mind is no longer dominated by pain control, I am much much more able to function.   I have some moments where I completely forget I had surgery, but not too many.  I’m at that point where people have also stopped asking about it.  That is a bit of a relief, and also well…certain people you wish would ask…

Work is quite a challenge these days.  After our meeting mid week I took over call.  It has not been a terrible burden, except for one call which took up most of my Saturday and some of Sunday as well.  It was one of the most complicated things I’ve worked on, and I’m still a bit worried that I didn’t “do it right”.  For the first time Ever I am totally looking forward to going to work, and especially the moment of getting “off call”  a bit later in this week.  Whew.  I’m still figuring out the culture of the environment and I am sure I’m forgetting stuff….but as far as work goes, I am much more relaxed on a daily basis.

Hopefully we will start having a better March….we’re having the cold hard bright sunlight.  I really want a warmer and more humid moment.  I’m not running so I might as well be as warm as I can be!

I believe as soon as I can start to swim, elliptical and bike I will start to really feel myself again. I kind of miss that person.  This person is OK…but not nearly as fun.


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