6 weeks post op…

On Monday I will be six whole weeks post op.

WOW.  It actually does seem like it was longer.

I’m doing alright. I still have altered sensation in my lower leg and first two toes and on my foot.  It *seems* to be marginally improving, but so little that it is barely notable.

I’ve been able to increase both the speed and distance of my walking.  I am astounded at how out of shape I have gotten. WOW.


So, this above lady is kind of a jerk. I’d like to see how she looks 6 months after a herniated disc.  My injury was unpleasant but I have a much better understanding of some people who are very limited in what they can do.  While injured I did everything I was allowed to do, but…it wasn’t much. This kind of statement is kind of a slap in the face. Not everyone is genetically going to look like that, nor are they going to be able to devote the time this person does to her body appearance.

My actual low back gets very sore still, but I’m assuming this will eventually work itself out as I strengthen the back.  I just try to be careful to rest it often, and realize that I can not get back into training shape in say 3 weeks after being essentially out for 6 months.

I follow up in about 2 weeks and am making a grand assumption that I will be allowed to SWIM and get on a stationary.  This should help me to start to really lose my injury weight, and also should help me to feel much better. I really miss swimming and cycling.

I’m actually afraid to bend over at the waist.  I am sure in my mind that the left over disk will just “pop out”.  So I am waiting for follow up to get some advice about this.


Otherwise it is lovely to no longer be 100% focused on bizarre sensations.

I feel secure enough that I did register for the Alligator Lighthouse swim!  I also firmed up my Kayaker this week.  I am very excited to have him as he is a certified lifeguard, and he is just about as excited about doing it as I am.  Often, people who are support are really not into it.  He and I spoke on Wednesday and on thursday i got this text.

I spoke with R. (wife) and we are IN! I am going to support the crap out of you and you are going to do great!

I’m a wee bit worried about how expenses are going to be divvied up. I was going to just have them stay in the place we stayed before and cover that cost, but he texted they wanted to stay on a sailboat, and I was like, stay wherever you want, as long as you are present for the race and the pre race instructions.  So, I am assuming he’s going to cover the sailboat sleeping.

But it’s cool to have someone actually want to Kayak about, and be excited about my swim.

Funny thing…after the Jelly Fish experience, we are getting fewer takers.

It really is a great swim…..

So 6 weeks. I seem to be recovering.  not 100% but a lot better.

6 thoughts on “6 weeks post op…

  1. It’s funny: the woman who posted that photo of her “ab-tastic” post-baby body lives in the city where I work. She’s a professional trainer, so I suppose she would spend all of her time working out, but sheesh. Those of us who have physical injuries are not going to be lifting weights and doing crunches, not all day anyway.

    I’m glad you’re going to be participating in the Lighthouse swim! It does sound like you’re feeling a lot better. But do take care, six weeks is not a long period following a major operation. I’m amazed at your energy!

  2. Oh how I can relate to bending at the waist etc.. Our minds certainly can do a number on us – i’am feeling the same way 6 wks after my hip replacement .. Does take a little courage to get past these things …i am also waiting for next week when the surgeon hopefully will tell me I am fine to move on!!! It does help to have encourement also.. my P /T is great with this .
    Sounds like your making great strides though .. I am enjoying reading you’re progress . Keep up the good work .. Positive thoughts to u.

  3. JM says:

    Glad to read that you are progressing. As for Maria Kang’s question, it doesn’t apply to you and other people who have physical and medical limitations on how much you can do; it’s not an excuse, it’s a legitimate reason. Slow and steady leads to a healthy recovery! Blessings.

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