Post Operative Report.

It is 4 days unit my odd follow up at 7 weeks.  I am anticipating a lot and hoping for a lot from this appointment, so I hope I have not set myself up for disappointment.


After my post on Monday my back was miserable.  I did a lot of self-care things, like foam rolling, and rolling with a hard medicine ball, and some stretches, but it was just very attention getting.  I wanted a massage, but that is a bad idea currently.  So I was getting kind of hopeless, than I remembered muscle relaxers.  I have a few left from last year.  I took one, slept like a rock, and woke up feeling better than I had since before the surgery.  The next night I still felt great and actually kind of stayed up a bit lay just laying in bed, being amazed that I was not in some sort of pain.

So… problem pretty much solved.  My QL muscle area on my right is still very tender and sore.


This though is to be expected from several months of trying to adjust to help my back deal with injury, the actual surgical injury and then recovery.  I think it is getting better.

I did get brave the other day and bed at the waist to pick something up. Amazingly, my disc did not pop out and nothing hurt terribly.  I still feel pretty stiff, but I’m actually about as flexible as a regular person now.

Hopeful to be back strength training, swimming and spinning by tuesday night!

As always, as I am able to incorporate more and more activity, my brain starts to work better and better, so I am now feeling much better.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “Post Operative Report.

  1. Yes when all else fails muscle relaxers usualy do the job.. Glad u remembered them… and how great is it to get a real nights sleep !
    Keep up the good work – I hope u get everything you’re looking for out of your next appt.!!

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