I’ve selfishly not written an update here.

I am actually doing better.  I hesitate to write a bit because I’m terrified that I suddenly won’t be better.

I did the steroid pack and was distressed as it didn’t really immediately work. I spent several days in pain and also severe anxiety.

Oddly a few days after I finished the steroids, and a few days after I started trying to do some training with my coach, my radiculopathy (leg pain from the back) started to improve.

It remains improved.  My surgeon was pleased.  The PA was pleased. I was pleased. My coach was also pleased.


It is a great relief that I had not reherniated to the extent of needing more complex surgery.

I remain with a ton of anxiety because it does seem one wrong move and everything gets set off again.  I’m not used to being this hampered. I have to really carefully consider if I can do certain exercises, or not, and I have at least once tweaked out the whole thing again by trying a few flip turns.  Flip turns are a terrible idea for me. I’m now certain that the flip turn is what triggered my first flare, as I did them again one day and then within minutes a familiar tingle occurred.  I will be revisiting flip turns in about a year of so….Ho Hum.

I’m working with my new coach.  He is OK, but it’s awkward.  I honestly miss the familiarity of my old coach.  We have had some rough times, but after a year or so, the coaching was like a great pair of socks.  comfortable…  This new coaching…it’s really hard to tell if it is going to work.  It doesn’t help that my activities are so limited.

But yes I’m better. Training for a long marathon style swim, and fingers crossed…not needing any more surgery…


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Vicki Tracy says:

    Way to go Holly, it’s hard not to worry about re-injury to your back.
    Flip turns are tricky with back issues. I’ve not yet been in the pool, but anxious to get back in the water. I’ve been so I’ll that my lungs could not handle it. I’m on a high dose steroid pack now and hope it will do the trick.
    A new coach must be difficult but look at it like this. You are a “new” person as well. So you have the opportunity to start fresh with someone who was not training the “previously injury free Holly.” Give him some time. I’m sure after some exploratory training sessions you will both get your groove.

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