Coping with frustration

So of course… I finally write the blog post and I mention to one of my co-workers who asked that the back seems to be ok….within about an hour of that discussion…the leg starts to tingle AGAIN.

I didn’t do anything that different, but it seems determined to only allow a small bit of physical activity.

I know that it may not be like this forever…and I remind myself that I’m not even 90 days out of surgery yet, so things are still pretty “new” still.  My hip surgeon told me that after my hip was reshaped that it would take over a year to fully “remodel”  itself. The back procedure was much less invasive, but, I imagine it will take a lot of time to be completely “better”

On top of that, I missed a second swim opportunity tonight.  Since I am training for the Swim For Alligator Lighthouse I am on the “Swim your Ass off Plan” which requires me to do a morning swim and an evening swim. I actually had envisioned doing a short morning swim and a longer evening swim, but I forgot that it is rapidly approaching summer in Florida.

Summer in Florida means it rains.  Nearly every day.  Now, it’s not so bad, as it usually only rains for an hour or less.  BUT, it thunders and lightnings.  Our Pool closes for such events.

So I did a nice short swim this morning…then when I returned this evening it started to rain and look ugly, so they closed the pool. I waited around a bit, but decided to just go home.  By the time I got home and walked the dog and finished dinner, the “storm” was over, but my leg was tingling and tingling.  SO no second swim.

Normally when a person wants to get into training shape, it’s a fairly easy thing to do. They GO to the gym and work out.  This crazy dance of attempting to get into shape without triggering a bizarre neuro-muscular flare is really trying for me.

I have a coaching session tomorrow.  Perhaps the coach can help, I’m still not sure where I stand with him. I feel I’m not working hard enough for him.  This really isn’t fun.  When does the fun start?


4 thoughts on “Coping with frustration

  1. Vicki Tracy says:

    Remember… You are working hard for yourself, not the coach.
    Try not to get discouraged, I’m sure you will continue to have some issues that will pop up and affect your training. Do the longer swim in the a.m. You are doing awesome, really.

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