Coaching updates…

So, it was bound to happen, I do adore the new coach. I have to admit, I was starting to wonder.

After the first 2 weeks of “meh” work, and the two of us kind of not being on the same page, I was starting to get a little worried.  This week, however, everything seemed to click.

We did one strength type session, where he found a way to isolate my Gluteus medius.  This muscle apparently was just totally not used after my disk injury, it is completely wasted on both sides.  It’s hard to activate it because the larger muscles around it tend to take up the slack.  I do need it, so several exercises were invented or modified and wow… once he found that, the workout became extremely difficult…and “worth while”  I could firstly see that what I was doing was different and working to help rehabilitate me.  Secondly, it was hard.  Hard is what makes things great.

I really felt good about this because it meant he was thinking about how to get me back into shape….rather than just running me through some regular exercises.

Secondly I got to swim in the “Infinity pool”


This is not ours.  ours is a bit more clinical in appearance and has a TON of video equipment set up as well as a mirror, so I can watch my stroke.  I thought I would hate it but I actually really enjoyed it. It was more like open water as there was a “current” of sorts.

He then got me out of the pool and we did some dry land drilling to refine my stroke. He literally had me making just one tiny little move against a sports band, the beginning of the initial catch.  dryland-2Bfor-2Bswimmers

To my deep deep surprise, it actually worked.  Once I hopped back in to the pool, my stroke was dead on for a few minutes.  As I tired, it sort of fell apart, but I feel much more confident in my ability to learn this new way to swim.  It was also nice not to be out in the huge pool, trying to learn, and having everyone distract the coach.  (Side note: I think it is hysterical that out of water exercise is congenitally known as “dry land workouts”  rather than land workouts.  What other kind of land are they thinking about is there a possibility for “swamp lands”?)

The other thing that has been pretty nice is that he listens a bit more carefully than I thought.  I was super hurt by old coach just *poof* disappearing, so I’d been kind of holding on to that… I started to let go a bit just by sharing some of the great stuff I enjoyed from the old coaching with the new coaching.  New coach, instead of saying “you are with me now”  has been listening intently, and interjecting here and there very quietly… “We can do that too, once you get stronger”.  Very reassuring.  Some of my workouts were really odd and unusual, and I thought he’d try to change everything.

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve managed around 9 miles of swimming, which is good.  I am hoping to step it up a bit more this week. (thought after the drills, my arms may feel quite sick tomorrow!)

My back and leg remain in a bit of flux.  I have small symptoms…but I am learning also how to minimize and manage. I do wonder about running…I’m sure I can’t right now, but… Mr. Coach seems determined to return me.

So yeah.  Currently… Everything is Alright/OK…


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