So….this week started out with a Miserable MG.  It ended pretty well however.

I am having a few challenges at work. I do not like to use the words “challenges and opportunities”  as code words for enormous problems that must be fixed, but I do have some challenges.  My supervisor is currently very overworked, and I took over her units.  She is one of those people (as am I) that has a hard time letting go.  Thus… it has been a challenge to wrestle these things away from her, even though technically she let them go. This can be very tiring and because she has not shared certain things with me it can lead to a lot of mis information.  I’m finally getting through it and getting to build my own relationships with people.

So whatever, on Monday I just felt like the whole world was against me.


There were a lot of irritable surgeons and nurse managers, but oddly as the week unfolded, most of the things came out “in my favor” if you will.  I like my job, and it is infinitely better than my old job, but there are still rough moments. Still, the week ended so much better than it started, I do have hope. I still do feel unfocused, as I have a lot of rules to operate within that I didn’t have at my past job, and that level of red tape requires some getting used to, but I feel I will manage.

Training is also a bit unfocused.  I’m working with my new coach and it’s working out, but I’m unsure about his open water experience. As he rightly points out, I’m so fresh out of surgery none of that really matters.  I’m essentially doing Rehab…with a lot of swim meters and yards. Since the intern has departed we have been working pretty well together.  I’m a bit frustrated with the strength exercises, but in fact, we aren’t really allowed to load anything axially. Axial loading exercises put compressive forces on the spine. It is unfortunate, because I love many of those exercises, so we are stuck with a paltry few things, pull ups, dips, stir the pots, some glute activators and a lot of balance type exercises.  In a few more weeks I think we are going to add in the some loads, but they will be light.

I think a lot about wether my cobbled together swim plan is going to allow me to get to the finish. But I also have a lot of swim time, which is pretty silent and allows me that time to debate.  I’ve asked the coach a few times for extra training, but he has pretty much told me that I’m still rehabbing so he doesn’t want to dictate anything I do that isn’t supervised and that what I’ve been doing seems to be pretty adequate.

We shall see, it’s a tough one that swim.

As far as my back… well.  I had some low back pain today on the swim.  I do still get some tingling and odd sensations in my toes.  My left first two toes are entirely changed, but I’m used to them now.  So, all’s as well as it can be!


One thought on “Unfocused.

  1. I missed this post somehow. Sorry about that.

    It’s tough to be in a job where you’re responsible for overseeing how other people work. You’re trying to help them, but nobody sees it that way. I hope they someday appreciate all your efforts and thank you for it!

    Listen to your coach and go slow!

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