Well…today was a surprise.

So… Normally today I would have my session in the “Endless Pool”images-9 images-8 Unknown-3

This is pretty much what my session looks like each week.  Lots of video, some chat from the coach.  I don’t know why but I kind of love the endless pool.  I think because it gives current to swim against…so it’s interesting.  I DO NOT love being videoed so much, but it’s pretty cool that I am able to have that service.

It is working.  I swam in the morning this week and one day while I was endlessly logging laps, the very awesome swim coach said to my kayaker (conveniently also my lifeguard that morning), “Hey I have not seen MG in a while, how is she?”  Kayaker, said, well, she’s over there in that lane, been here for almost an hour…. Apparently, I have improved so much in the last 3 weeks he failed to recognize me.  He said he was amazed at the amount of progress I’d made in such a short time. So Wowsers. It really made my whole week to hear that.

So plus one for the endless pool and my new coaching.

New Coach was out of town today so no sessions this week, so I decided to swim long in the morning and then do a weights workout in the evening.

I was feeling pretty good, the time on the miserable ARC trainer was OK, and the weights were going along well.  Then I got to the pull ups, and since I need assist right now, the machine is located near physical therapy.

So Random. My old coach decided, after LITERALLY 4 MONTHS that he should “see how I was doing”.  I had imagined this a couple of times and always sort of imagined being sarcastic and nasty to him, but of course… I couldn’t. We talked a bit. He asked me if I missed running…. what a question.  No, I don’t miss running, right? Only every few seconds…. It was a little strange as he also asked how my swimming was going. Apparently he has been keeping track of what I’m doing, but you know, totally not talking to me. In addition, He really wanted to share some of his own news with me that I truly DO NOT CARE about.  Life is really too short to hold on to hurt or be angry, but that wasn’t easy.ee2a504c0f943d9a3b70e344382bb6a3

I kind of felt like he was abandoning me all over again.  The situation we were in was difficult, and I think moving on was for the best but boy does it still sting.  So where are we now?  I’m not sure, but I actually think I want to avoid much interaction.  That encounter did not do anything to enhance my day…..New Coach is back tomorrow, though I probably won’t get a chance to talk to him… I will feel more secure with him in the building. All I can say is thank goodness for New Coach and Swim Coach.  I’m seeing a lot of improvement, and I just have to let that past go…


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