Time Poverty

Hello Blog-o-verse…

Seems I’m operating in a severe “time poverty” mid set.
I am always running a touch late for stuff I want to do…getting up a bit later…not getting enough sleep, and feeling rushed.

I close on the house this coming tuesday so I am sure that is part of it.  As soon as I close I know there are a few things that will need to be purchased (My 12 yr old TV is often losing sound, so it is finally time for a flat screen, I figured when I moved would be the perfect time…).  In addition there is the MOVING STRESS.


I just find myself feeling like all I do is go to the gym, go to work, go back to the gym, and then rush around like a crazy woman at home.

Over the weekend I did do some preparation work for the week and this week was somewhat easier.  So hopefully it will continue to even itself out. So far I’m finding that having all 5 outfits planned for the week ahead really helps.  Restocking the gym bag on Sunday and making sure to empty it by Wednesday helps.  if I do not empty it, I end up with a huge heavy bag with about 3 pairs of shoes… Pre-planning meals obviously helps.  Also just picking one to two pressing things to handle each day has allowed me to chip away at an ever growing list of bills, mail forwarding, responsibilities etc.

Even with all this, I just feel entirely like I’m missing things, and that things that are out of the ordinary events really throw me off.  I mean little things, this week we had a baby shower and I was supplying the cake.  Just making the time to walk into the store and select a cake and frosting totally made my day feel again rushed and off.  This should be easy!

Hopefully after I get moved and settled some time in June, this will all kind of dissipate a bit.  But if not, I am just not sure how to get my time back.

Anyone else feel this way?  What are your strategies?


4 thoughts on “Time Poverty

  1. Yes!!!!! I feel like that all the time. You need a bit more diversity to add to your week. Something enjoyable or calming. Go to the movies, take a YOGA class, go out to dinner with a friend. Take time to enjoy the proscess of buying your home, decorating it. Remember, it is yours…. It doesn’t have to be done all at once. Take a step back, breathe then move in.

  2. Good luck on the closing and the move. The most stressful time of our marriage came about when my husband and I closed on the fixer-upper that would become our home for 20 years. Looking back, I think it would have been a better deal if we had bought a house that was already in move-in condition: but my husband was a fan of “This Old House” and thought he had the chops to redo an entire 100-year-old farmhouse. (It wasn’t until after we moved in, I noticed a lot of the tasks on the TV show were done by professionals, not by the homeowners, who always looked like they had more money than sense.) Anyway, moving in itself is a big deal. I hope you have help, or at least a mover booked.

    At a time like that, it really helps to step back and get out of the rat race for a bit. Go out and see a movie, or have coffee at a small outdoor cafe. Nothing huge that requires planning! You just want to do something relaxing for a change, and only takes a couple of hours in the evening or afternoon.

  3. I just stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago. I am a runner who is always trying to find the time amid family/work responsibilities. One thing that I find that works for me when I am really time crunched (besides the obvious approach of going to sleep an hour earlier, waking up an hour earlier) is to cut out the trip to the gym and somehow replace the exercise during my daily routine. For me, that usually means I will run the two miles to my train after work instead of walking. It’s not the optimal fix-it solution, but it definitely helps. I have a race this weekend, and I have to prepare somehow this week!
    Obviously you might have a different type of exercise in mind in lieu of a gym visit – the key thing is that it would give you a workout and won’t throw off your schedule. Good luck!

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