Just Keep Swimming…

Wow, I’ve been so busy and physically tired, I have not had time to update my dear 3 readers!  (How I love you my three readers!)

Things are coming along pretty well now,   I closed on the house today.  The actual closing was not a big deal.  My poor realtor showed up at the wrong time…we had rescheduled because of the holiday and the wire transfer, and I didn’t think to tell her.  She made a pretty penny off of her one time showing me the property!  That said, she left me a card with a gift card in it, so that was a nice gesture, and I think if I had needed more she would have done more for me.  I did the walk through the other day and seeing the home in it’s finished state did make me eager to MOVE in!  It’s so nice and clean and with tile through 95% of it, it will be easy to keep clean!    So It has been a few weeks of feeling very adult. It also involves a great deal of things that essentially are one time things, that are throwing my regular routine off.  Usually I have one or two of these things each week, but with the house closing it is about 20…and so for a moment there after signing all the papers, I actually felt a bit like hyperventilating when I thought about hooking up the power, trying to move, meeting the neighbours etc.  I did get over that with some deep breaths…I will probably not feel 100% comfortable until the entire move is complete and I’m done with the apartment.

Training is going better than I could have expected.  I think new coach and I have kind of figured out what works for each other and it seems to be working.  I am getting stronger and can see progress.  He really has been able to provide the right balance.  He is always willing to acknowledge my frustration with starting over, but he somehow moves me past that so I don’t wallow in it.  He also seems to have a similar sense of humor, and so there is actually more fun than I imagined when I started to work with him.  He gets me!  He really gets me! I never actually knew there was a side of humor in him before, so a delightful discovery.


We both noted today that we were being observed by my old coach today.  Apparently he noted it first and ignored it.  I of course… had to react.  Interestingly, A few words from the new coach seemed to allow me to brush that off.  So, making progress through my situation there.  I think this could be very successful.  I’m glad I took a chance on a new person, it felt very risky after being with Coach Skeletor for years.  I had no idea how much more fun it could be.  The kids swim coach also continues to help out and provide pointers and advice, so it’s nice to feel that there are people on my team who are interested in success.  That said, I am still struggling with speed.

Work is also coming along; it remains my biggest challenge at this point in time. Things are starting to fall together, and I am starting to make key connections with the right people.  Our organization is a bit of an “old boys network” people are open and accepting, but at a slow pace sometimes.  For someone like me who is a bit of a “Sheldon”  anyway, this can feel like an eternity. I just keep finding supporters and trying to avoid the haters.

All that said.  I am getting there. I enjoy going to work, for the most part, and the people I work with.  One of the pitfalls in my work is that it can be easy to make an error, and all of our data is very public.


Many times I discover that an area wants certain data or benchmarks later rather than prior to a date that they wanted it.  This is so frustrating.  The demand for data is never ending.  I’m appreciative on the one manager I have that does not make such demands….would that they were all that relaxed.

So by the end of June I expect to be fully out of the apartment hovel.  Wahoo!


5 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming…

  1. Anne says:

    I understand the scheduling chaos of the move, but so worth it in the long run! And don’t worry about the neighbors. 🙂 You’ll meet them in time…no rush there.

    I’m so excited for you! It really sounds like things are going great!

  2. Yay! I’m happy for your closing on your new home! I know there’s still a lot ahead, but I’ve always thought the days leading up to closing were the most nerve-wracking. Now you can focus on getting your belongings into your new home, and then browse household sales catalogs (is there an IKEA in your neighborhood?) for decorating ideas. 🙂

    I like how you handled seeing your old coach in the gym. He sounded like a fair-weather friend, and you don’t need any more of those. I suppose it was a business relationship for him, though I find it a little awkward when you’re giving money to someone to help you, like a therapist, and then have to open up to him as if he was a friend. And then discover he’s not.

  3. Mazel Tov! You have had so much going on yet you have handled it beautifully. That is truly worth praise. Now the rush will seem less rushed. You’ve got a whole month+ to transition from your apartment to your house.
    I am sure your “old” coach probably is very interested in what you are accomplishing without him. Maybe regrets the way you parted?
    I need to get in the pool, I think I might sink it’s been too long.
    Congrats on the closing and the relationship with your coach. No doubt it will take time to settle into the new job. You’ve had 3 major life changes in a very short time, surgery/new job/new house.! Wow…. Take some time to bask in the glow of change & success!

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