Continuing the swim….

Through life I suppose.

Last Friday I moved at least I got 90% of my stuff moved.

This weekend I am still moving the last odd 10% of things.  It’s those moments when you look at something and try to decide if it is worth moving, etc.  In addition, I am cleaning the apartment which is super annoying.  I mean, I understand the concept, but we ALL  know they are going to have it repainted and re carpeted, so this insane attempt to clean the carpet is really just irritating on my part, since I know they are going to throw it out anyway.

On the plus side, I do really like my new home. It is open and easy to clean and practical and just the right size.

The dog is not quite adjusted.  I realized after 3 days that some of his issue was the size and the fact that it still is “empty”. Things echo.  I solved the problem by shutting the door to several of the rooms.  Eventually I think I can start to keep doors open if I need to.

I have to say it was a great relief to have the move done and I imagine after I finish and turn in the apartment keys I will be even more relaxed.

Work has been pretty nice lately.  This month ALL my meetings went well, and I FINALLY (after 8 months) seem to be starting to fit in and learn some of the “rules” of the road at the new facility.  Our little department is a bit beleaguered and tired.  I’ve had several successes lately with applying the National Health Safety Network criteria “rigorously” (as in:  I read every sentence and find every loop hole to make penalty inducing infections “go away” legally).  This is rare.


And while it sounds horrible from an outsider perspective, it really isn’t.  infections never “Go away”  but if they can be tied to a more appropriate source it helps in so many ways. For example if a patient has an abscess in the body and a blood stream infection, it is very likely that the blood infection came from blood traveling through that area where the abscess is present.  (Blood goes everywhere! it keeps us alive!).  So we can tailor our infection prevention actions in more precisely if we know where things are coming from. Otherwise we can put all sorts of controls in place and then…nothing changes because we didn’t address the sources appropriately.  So I’ve been enjoying work pretty well.  I get to serve on some interesting committees with interesting personalities, and my schedule is really my own to keep. I think this more than anything was a sticking point at my old job.  Work could however, change in a heartbeat.  So much goes on behind the scenes that is blog worthy but totally would be blog in-appropriate, that the blog about work sometimes sounds bland.  Never bland.   Infection Prevention and a committed Preventionist will save lives…This is certain.  Not sure now that I want to work for this organization forever, but it’s a great place to be right now. While physically I did not love moving, I’m always up for an adventure.

Old Coach and I are FINALLY on speaking terms again. He apologized for being a bit of a jerk around the time of my surgery. I apologized for being stubborn.  We don’t really chat daily, but I do like that we talk occasionally.  He is essentially my total “big brother” and like many family members, you can get really angry at them, but never stop loving them.  I am very glad to bury that silent hatchet and turns out it’s been something that has been bothering him as well.  On the other hand, I do not actually want to go back to him for coaching.  He is super supportive of what I’m doing with the Swims, but I think he likes having the role of “Cheerleader”  rather than the involved analysis of the coaching.

New coaching is working out rather well.  He is pretty amazing.  Funny, thoughtful, encouraging, passionate, smart and compassionate.  Lots of people are all of these things, but struggle to know when to employ them.  I am often humorous at the wrong times, etc.   He actually does fairly well with that. The one thing, which is like my old coach and I think is a “guy thing” is that he can be kind of moody as well.  One day we are training and having a good time, and the next day he seems preoccupied and is all business.  He always does a good job, it’s just the running hot and cold that can be a bit confusing.   He’s been out of town this week on this drive cross country, so I decided to do “ALL the things ALL the time” Predictably, by about Wednesday, I was feeling some soreness in many spots.  I have got to stop with all the things!  Unlike my old coach, he’s been completely available to me via email or text and I suspect he doesn’t really mind texting some back and forth, so while he’s been road tripping I’ve still been benefitting from guidance, and actually been enjoying our interactions. Oh and did I mention that I am getting stronger, by leaps and bounds?  Get that man a freshly ground French Pressed cup of Joe.


I do not fell 100% confident about the swim yet. I’m struggling with some nutritional aspects of training, as well as just the logistics of such a long swim, but I have a bit of confidence that it shall all come together as it should.  I asked my new coach if he wanted to come down to the Keys for the event and he seemed receptive, but I don’t know how he will feel about it on consequent days. It would be awesome to have him there, firstly to have that coaching support right there would be great, but also because he is in general a fun person who enjoys a lot of the same things I do, so I might get a snorkel, hiking, seafood eating buddy out of it as well… and what’s wrong with that? DSC_4958-12One thing I’ve discovered several times about the keys now, no matter what happens down there….I always have fun.  Excited for September….




2 thoughts on “Continuing the swim….

  1. I think what you do at work is very important. My husband and his uncle both acquired staph infections while they were hospitalized, and the staff was like, “Well, stuff happens.” Given that the uncle went from chatting and joking pre-surgery to surviving on a ventilator post-surgery (he died after he demanded to be taken off the ventilator, which had caused him a lot of pain), I didn’t think it was just “stuff.” Later I found out that HMOs had forced hospitals in the area to cut back on cleaning staff and best-practices training, which had led to an explosion in staph and other dangerous infections. So I’m very appreciative when I see reports of local hospitals that do a good job of preventing in-house infections.

    Moving is difficult and unnerving at times, but I think animals feel it doubly so, since they had no say in the matter. 🙂 I’m sure the dog will discover how cool it is to live in a bigger home. And congratulations! I know you were looking forward to this for a long time!

  2. Thanks HG! I really didn’t think the dog would have issues, but he just isn’t doing that well. He is also 10 and that’s some of the difficulty. he does enjoy the walks we are taking, so over time… things will most likely improve! Yes, the work we do… so important! I wish we had “All the money!” to fix all the things!

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