Snarky Post

So.. I’ve been feeling the need to post…and I’ve tried.  But so many things going on are a little more private than this blog has been.  (Amazing to me how many people I know have discovered it… Hello Michael, Matthew, etc)

So in short:

Job:  Seems to be going OK.

New House: If I can get shut of the old apartment all will be well, I believe.

Training: Training is going as well as can be expected I suppose.

SO that said I just want to express some snarky opinions.

Snark ONE: Friend of mine (very overweight) started to promote “fitsticks” a vitamin supplement which incidentally also had several of the same ingredients that some bad diet pills have. Sold it to another friend…this friend started posting about how she was losing weight, feeling healthy.

Today both posted that they are sick.  Both posted pictures to show they are as chunky as ever.  What is it about these products that  make people part with hard earned money?

I have refrained from asking why their Fit sticks did not keep them healthy…and also from asking if they are going shopping for a new wardrobe yet, since they should be super thin by now. But boy did I want to.  No substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Second Snark:  Man in gym who I have known for a long time, fairly good friend of mine. Made some polite but “suggestive” statements…which were well received by me,because he is after all a friend of mine, single and someone I enjoy.  2 days later…same man pretends I do not exist. 5 days later, can’t stop texting me. 7 days later, I no longer exist again.

WHY DO THIS?  If you aren’t interested, be not interested.  Don’t be and then not be and then be again.  It is very hurtful and super confusing. My head is like spinning like  a top. I’m sure there is some sort of psychotic reason for this, like low self esteem or trouble making up your mind, but…for heavens sake, talk to me, don’t be a jerk.

Third Snark:

Do you all remember the intern?  Oh yeah.  The intern.  Got hired to do a job at our gym.  I was told by a coach that many complaints regarding performance at the job have come up, including complaints about “attitude”  Yes, Validation. Love what the coach said, “Next time you say you don’t like someone, I’ll take it seriously because you were spot on about her.”

For her sake, I hope things will improve.  That sucks to totally suck at your job.

Fourth Snark: If you are my friend, but only call or text when you want information about a mutual friend (Of which you are only “Facebook friends” and I am a real in person friend) You might not get the reaction you want. That behavior isn’t classy, and you are not so much my friend any more.  I can tell a sincere concern for others and a desire to know gossip. And if I have not heard from you in about a month, yes expect me to totally feel Used for Information, and to not cough any up!  What is with people?

I may be all out of snark.

that would be a good thing!



3 thoughts on “Snarky Post

  1. I sometimes like snark, especially when the target of the snark richly deserves it, as in these cases. 😉

    I do feel somewhat for people who fall for those “instant weight loss” pills. They’re usually desperate but don’t want to put in the time and effort to exercise or diet, particularly if they have a lot to lose. There are also people whose bodies just don’t respond to dieting and an hour in the gym every day. I had a dear friend who was naturally heavy-set, with big hips and chest, though very attractive in her own way. She took Dexatrim (remember that stuff?) to lose weight prior to her wedding: then a week before the big day, she had a stroke that left her weak in the right side of her body. Her fiance, who was a jerk, left her for another woman, and she continues to struggle with the physical problems caused by the stroke. I was irritated with her for taking pills to lose weight, irritated that she chose such a creep to marry—she’s smart and should have known better. But I’m even more irritated that companies continue to sell these quickie weight loss drugs.

  2. snarkety snark! Sometimes it needs to be said – and often it is easier to deal more kindly with the people once you’ve said your piece (even if it wasn’t to them)

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