Post op Day 5

So yesterday was ok, if a little strange.

I have all this time off work right now, and what’s funny about that is that I actually physically feel much better than I felt when I was working, so it feels weird to not have to go to work.

I am however, exhausted, so I am completely ok with the time off.

My friend T. visited me yesterday which was alright, I’m not really sure how long she stayed, but it was a bit too long. I had to finally say, “Hey I have to lay back down” and kind of shoo her out.  That didn’t feel good. Since I live alone, I’m used to being alone and it doesn’t really bother me, but I think it bothered her that I was alone. I know I have people I can call.   Once she left around 2 pm, I went to bed and barely got up. I would get up every few hours and walk around the house.  She wants to come back tomorrow. I kinda of need some help, but I also seem to need a bit of space.

This morning, I downloaded a free pedometer. My Garmin isn’t working too well. I knew that I wasn’t planning on setting any land speed records, but it was helpful to see distances because as always, i had in my mind exaggerated how far i was walking. So far today… I’ve covered 0.20 miles.. My legs feel very odd. I expect to feel stronger soon.  Having the incision in my back is ok but I can see that it did weaken my back muscles… I may not have had The Mark of Zorro, but, i appear to have the 1909 mark of Mercedes.


Which is ok with me. I just hope it heals up fast, because… darn it all, my back is super sore.

So far today I have not had any pain medication which is encouraging.  As soon as I am off the pain meds, I am allowed to drive.  Funny thing is today, I’m not really feeling a load of pain, but I sure don’t want to drive… All that looking behind you and twisting…I think I’ll stay home.  I’ve been killing myself with the Hall Mark channels Holiday Movie thon. They are truly terrible.  Always a gorgeous professional woman finds love over the holidays.  Funny how life is just NOT like this at all… but it clearly sells.

one disturbing thing is that I do appear to have had some nerve damage to my left hand of all things. I noted on Post op Day one that my ring finger was feeling super odd and numb.

IMG_2316It wasn’t until I got home that this odd bruise showed up on my wrist.  All I can surmise is that someone taped my arm down on a table little too tightly. I imagine it will go away but it is annoying.  It was a pretty long surgery and these things do indeed happen.  I assume it will heal!

So I have this going on and my right leg is still giving me some nerve pain.  Lots of hope that it will heal.  It had been compressed for a long time, so we just hope that it will repair itself.

Other than that, I feel a bit clearer than yesterday.  Can’t wait to see how I feel in about 10 days!


One thought on “Post op Day 5

  1. Looking forward to a future report! Been wondering how you were doing: it seems huge, messing around with the spine and the neuro system, but I know you’re tough enough to make it work. Take care and don’t push yourself too quickly.

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