So my mouse/track pad on my computer has been malfunctioning for a couple of days now. I had no idea how much playing stupid computer games etc was really a part of my recovery!  So Ugh.  If it doesn’t right itself, I will have to find someone who is willing to take me to the apple store.  So, no pictures with this post.  The trackpad won’t tolerate it.

Last couple of days:  not so super great.  I finally stopped taking ALL the pain medicines and struggled with this crazy post operative fever that’s been going on. It’s low 99.5 at most, and no indications of infection, but it has been enough to make me feel very uncomfortable with chills and aches. Last night I gave up and took aspirin.  Aspirin hinders bone growth somewhat, but the tylenol I have wasn’t bringing it down! I slept wonderfully, had lots or REM dreams.  Woke with significantly less pain in my R leg so that is great.  Hoping the fever doesn’t return this evening.

I am finding it very difficult to see the future and keep a positive attitude.  I have made sure to invite some of my best positive people over to help with that. I also tried going over to the gym yesterday, but found that I was feeling so dizzy and weak that I couldn’t really focus on anyone really. I got a calorie packed smoothie which was a great idea as I’ve lost 5 pounds since surgery, and wandered a bit and went home.  Not going to try that for a bit again.

Overall though I think I am probably doing very well.  I see posts on the Spine network of people who had a similar surgery just one day after who are still in need of large amounts of pain medication, who are not up and moving well, and in general progressing slower than I am.  Of course, they have a lot more support, so if they want a drink, someone usually brings it. Someone else walks the dog, ties their shoes, does the laundry.  For me, if I want something to drink, i have to get up and get it, the dog has to be walked by me…no one ties my shoes but me… so I guess I will get better faster.  I just hope that all will be well for follow up!  9 more days!


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