More track pad issues but…


Starting the post with a gratuitous photo of my dog.  He and I had walked 2 small 0.25 mile walks that morning and he was completely sacked out…I think it has to do with our current heat.  We just got back from another walk…which lasted a total of 18 minutes and the last 3 I was concerned about making it to the house, it’s just really warm. He got a shave so he’s pretty comfy. I not he other hand with the Mutant Ninja turtle brace, a shirt to buffer my skin from the brace, and another shirt to cover the brace.  Sweaty.

I did finally order a replacement for the trackpad which should be coming tomorrow…so I will be able to make some more photographically interesting posts.

Today was pretty exciting.  Last night I had great friends visit. They are a couple and one of the walked the dog for over an hour while the other chatted with me. We did chat a bit about my surgery/prognosis.  It was a relief, however to discuss matters of the Lake Swim I’m somewhat involved in, and swimming Alligator Lighthouse, and people we know in general. I was glad I had invited them, and glad they took the time to come, because I had felt really odd all day, and after they left, I felt relatively normal.  So lesson for anyone recovering from surgery essentially alone… schedule visits from people you want to see… it helps immensely.

So last night I could not sleep. I tossed and turned, which is a bit difficult with a spinal fusion. A few of the turns were rather severe, and I did have to tell myself to calm on down lest I bust the titanium cage that was so carefully placed in me. My main issue is pain and soreness.  All I can take for it is tylenol or oxycodone. What I want to take is Ibuprofen, aspirin, Aleve, something with actual antiinflammatory properties.  Laying on my side feels very strange as some vertebrae have been fused, so it feels “different” and not so great.  I finally ended up going with a partial dose of a muscle relaxer.  It helped.

I woke up with pretty much no strange sensations in my right big toe or my right calf. I kind of lay there wondering what kind of witchcraft had occurred overnight, seriously. I’ve had difficult altered sensation there for over a year now, so I didn’t really expect it to go away, and if it were to do so, I thought it would be a long time from now. It has come and gone through the day, so my best thought is that the nerves in my spine that are responsible are attempting to calm down. That’s a happy thought.

We also had a cool foggy morning, so I rushed the dog out the door and we walked our longest walk since surgery… a huge 0.77 miles.  It was a nice walk as I saw several wild ducks in the marsh, and lots of dew covered spider webs. The dog seemed to really love it as well.

I rested after walking and watched some television. I realized with some surprise that I still felt good, so I drove myself to Panera and had a super arugula salad and a squash soup. Best meal in a long time. I went home, rested a bit more, did some “light housekeeping”  (dishes) and this ill considered walk with the dog.  I really feel much better today, with a glimmer of hope that indeed I might actually regain my life…and be fully functional again.  I hope it continues. Tomorrow is lunch with a friend and that will again move me out into the real world,

My main worries right now are basically  #1. if I am going to achieve some sort of fusion. I have occasionally found myself “twisting” as apparently that’s a natural thing for me. Plus, I sometimes think I feel things moving in my lower spine, but I have to remember they have got to have far less compliant patients than me who have done alright.  I don’t think they will do any X-ray to look for fusion until week 6 or so out, which makes sense, so I will have to wait and see.

and #2 will I continue to have this much energy because this is super, if this keeps up I’ll probably be able to simply go back to work after the 2 weeks, rather than any kind of tele commuting…. I’d rather the tele commute, for ability to lay down in my bed from time to time, but for actual making of spreadsheets there is nothing like my dual screen computer set up at work.

So hopefully… on the up and up….


2 thoughts on “More track pad issues but…

  1. Whoa. So sorry. I had no idea. I hope follow up goes well. Makes my Achilles issue look like a sprained ankle.

    I guess you’ve got plenty of time to write?

    • It’s been a tough year, but in all honesty It has opened up a lot of things I might have not gone after. While having the spinal injury I made great friends with UF swimming great Don Gibb, who helped me really learn to swim, and I was able to complete a killer 9.3 mile open water adventure in September, something that I think was actually more “badass” than any running event I’ve ever done, and during which I made a lot of new friends and grew a lot personally. It was only in late September and October that the spine really deteriorated incredibly, when I started to sort of limp, and trip and occasionally fall down. I’d be lying though if I didn’t say I missed just being in motion on land. It’s like a big rent in my soul. But I am very lucky. I seem to have had a good surgeon, and just 9 days after surgery I’m up walking with no limp, and things “feel” very stable. I honestly deep down wish that my passion were for like, cooking, or knitting, but this is the life.
      I’ve been sidelined by an achilles issue, I actually almost quit running, I was resigned to the achilles (which has actually healed) and a pal called me and said hey are we actually doing the Melbourne Marathon? and suddenly… I was…well running again. I do love my new affiliation with the pool so much that I think if I do get to jogging again, I’ll always remain somewhat of a swimmer.
      Thanks for reading. I’m glad you posted recently, I love reading your writing. It’s very good.

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