I’ve probably got some unpopular thoughts on Paris.

The events of last night are really haunting and devastating. Such a coordinated attack…in so many places, making it so hard to have a coordinated response.

Now, like many, I’ve been to Paris.  I enjoyed it, though I was mostly there for work.  My French is atrocious, and I was lost a lot of the time. Parisians however, were really lovely people and helped me a lot even though it was obvious I was American.  So.. it kind of hit home.  Like many others, I know many French citizens, and actually I hope and pray that I don’t see any Medicines Sans Frontieres people on those death lists, but I know….there are probably some folks on there.

So. I share the grief of the world.  What I have not been able to do, however, is change my FB icon to a French Flag… or to post one of many very moving art memes expressing sorrow over the events. Honestly, none of these things disturb me…but yet, I can’t seem to click and post.  Why not? Well…. they might make me feel better, feel like I “did something”, feel solidarity… I’ve seen some beautiful tributes and been touched by the outcry from so many people, But honestly every time I consider it, I just feel so depressed.  We humans now do this.  Four days later we forget. In reality the really heart rending pictures will do very little. (They surely don’t hurt anything I think).  I honestly do not know what to “DO”.  This to me was a terrifying event, and I just can not see how I personally can combat this evil.  Yes, I can be loving and open and caring, and etc but even that… isn’t going to help secure the world.  Trump’s idiotic idea of building walls, also will not help.

I’m at a complete loss, but I just can’t at this moment…so instead my icon remains the same, and I imagine people think I’m some sort of unfeeling beast, but I just can’t being myself to join in…. maybe tomorrow.  I honestly wish there was something more tangible that I could do.


6 thoughts on “Paris….

  1. I am in complete agreement with you. So many many people have posted the French flag. And so many other sentiments.
    I just haven’t been on Facebook. It feels so hopeless. I feel like this is all out of control and there is nothing to be done about it.
    In a way I feel like if I just post the French flag on my FB, I am making just a useless gesture and that is the end of it.

    But, I really, really don’t know what can be done. The world is in a mess.

  2. Anne says:

    I’m right there with you. While I feel awful about all the activities that have taken place the past several weeks (and months…and years…) I don’t think posting pics of the French flag, or the Eiffel Tower are going to do anything. And in some ways, I sort of feel like it diminishes the tragedy. I’m not related to anyone or any of the places affected…while I guess I understand the sentiment that we are here in empathy and support for those who are, they aren’t on my FB feed which is restricted to friends only anyway.

    And I’m also with you that I am at a loss as to WHAT to do. I think I may start by trying to find legitimate organizations that are trying to help the Syrian refugees. And while it doesn’t seem like much, I will try to keep loving and living a life of acceptance and forgiveness of others and hope that helps set an example so others will do the same. There is a quote I posted somewhere a while back that is always a good reminder in times like this – I can’t remember it exactly, but the gist is, even the smallest acts of love and kindness that we do here. Now. Daily. They add up and are worth it. They may not change the world, but there is an absolute chance that they could cause an unknown chain reaction that reaches someone who CAN and WILL change it. 💗

  3. You know…. Anne, I remember now, after the photo of the drowned boy, that there was a news piece on helping Syrians here in Orlando. I think in this area rehoused a whopping 15 Syrian Refugees. And I think that’s actually a pretty good idea. So many are in need and thankfully I am fortunate enough to share…..

    • I had heard there were refugees coming (or maybe already arrived) in FL. If you know of trustworthy organizations there helping them, please let me know! I cannot imagine leaving everything and everyone I know behind, only to come somewhere where everyone wants to blame you for the actions of those you are running away from. It breaks my heart!

  4. At the church convention I attended over this weekend, we talked about what we could do for the people of Paris. There’s an Episcopal cathedral there which is accepting donations to help the victims and/or their surviving families, but beyond that, there isn’t much one can physically do for all those who died that night. Your reaction—I think it’s too easy to become overwhelmed by all the tragedy that has gone on these past three months. The photos of the drowned Syrian boy broke my heart. I wanted to go out and volunteer with our local community outreach program, which is helping resettle refugees from the Middle East (they’re a bit vague about where in the Middle East, but still, doing something is better than nothing): but no sooner than I picked up the phone that another tragedy had taken place. Then a minister who works in refugee settlement said to me, “You can’t save them all, because this is a global problem and you’re just one individual. We can team up and help whoever we can,” but in the end we have to accept that it’s in the hands of governments and larger entities. Which is a hard thing to hear when you feel so sad. Plus we’re American and used to being “large and in charge,” as my minister friend said. I think he also wanted me to protect myself from being overwhelmed, because it’s happens so easily. It’s nice to show sympathy and respect, but in the end not all the little French tricolors and Eiffel Towers on Facebook are going to do anything. We need to act purposefully if things are to change.

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