Track Pad Bliss and overdoing it….but progress

My new, very downsized, macbook air arrived this evening. It is tiny, compared to my old not so functional macbook, but so far I actually am really growing fond of it.  Firstly… it didn’t cost that much. Secondly it doesn’t weigh that much, and third- it works properly.

Yesterday I finally hit the magic overdid it moment.


I had a good day, walking, doing a bit of dishes, having lunch with a friend and a visit to the gym.  The gym visit was too much actually, not because I did anything crazy at the gym, but because I stood and talked, and stood, and stood…and by the time I got home my back was throbbing.  I iced it and knew that it was toast. I hoped it would not be too bad today.

Today, it seems I have strained one of my back muscles…it’s near the biggest incision, so well…. not terribly surprising.  Uncomfortable, but I will survive.  A I hobbled out to walk the dog I realized that while my back is tender, my hip pain has subsided a lot, so major win.  I am still making progress.

Other than that I am trying to make some coaching decisions.  I’m not going to be able to run at all for another year, so my big stuff this year will again be swimming. I decided to actually work with the swim coach for a swim plan.  I love Coach G. but he doesn’t do any kind of weights. Coach K does all the weights for the swimmers.  While i did work well with Coach K…. lately I’m not feeling it and for a few weeks now I really have just wanted to work with someone new, or with good old Skeletor.   Skeletor I fear, is still unavailable, as he just had his Irish Twin second child and though he has been amazing at checking up on me and sending kid pictures, I am not sure how he feels about coaching again.  If I can get the surgeon to write for Physical Therapy, he has enthusiastically agreed to do all my rehab and PT, which could last a few months, so I should maybe focus on that. My issue with Coach K is that he is very moody and on certain days he doesn’t focus well.  BUT, there really isn’t a lot of good coaching for form at the gym right now.  Probably best to start with PT and see how I feel when that ends, by that time…all sorts of things could change.  I’m one who always feels better with a plan, and I think currently Coach K fully believes he’s going to coach me back to health….but I just don’t know. Guess for once I will just wait and see.  And Thank God for Coach G.  he’s steady as the sun.

As far as the overdone back. well.  Rest.  rest.  rest.  and we’ll see how it feels day by day right?


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