Spine Post op Day 11…

So, I have officially in my mind made it over the bad surgery hump.  I’ve been feeling pretty good nd strong over the past few days.  i have noted though that my energy, which I think is normal is pretty low. Example:

Today I woke up super early (probably because I fell asleep last night at like 8 pm)  I thought it was six, so I walked the dog, made a coffee concoction of coffee, vitamin D oil, and some collagen.  As I sat down to enjoy that interesting beverage I realized the one clock I had glanced at was never changed for DST…. so it was 5 am.

By 8 am I headed over to the gym.  I wanted to get my treadmill walking in and hopefully see some people.

I was able to walk for 45 minutes at a slow pace.  I covered 1.7 miles.  After I got off I saw my friends Kathy and Dave.  It was nice to chat with them. Dave has some freaky back problems so he listened kindly to my discussion… i then realized I had an hour to kill before my “breakfast with the girls” So I decided to hit Publix – they make an incredible onion rye bread.

So I picked up some apples, the bread and butter and headed to the girls breakfast out where I sat and chatted happily away with 3 other ladies for a few hours.  We were on our way out when we saw a table of white haired ladies, we nudged each other and said… that will be us in 10 years.  Seriously I hope it is us. What a treasure to have friendships that last.  We lingered a bit and I realized I just had to GO home.  and Lay down.  I got home around 1:30 and lay on the couch with a protein shake, the dog and the tv until I realized it was 4 pm….  travelers-diarrhea_456px

Yes, I guess if 45 minutes of slow walking, a trip to the store and to the cafe wears me out, I’m not QUITE ready to be back at work.  But I’m hopeful that maybe by Wednesday the 25th I can return.  That would be ideal because traffic will be super light due to holiday, I will have to take the next day off, so I can rest, and then go again on Friday, and then a full weekend off to be ready for a full week.

My back is still a tiny bit sore, and my poor poor tortured right leg still has a variety of neuropathies.  That said, I think they are improving, and generally nerves heal at a crazy rate of 1 inch per month.  So…I’ve got an entire leg… of inches….

I feel positive, and like things are going well.  I just hope my surgeon also feels positive this Thursday.



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