Turn of Events…

I think I’m still actually ok but I definitely have had a bit of an icky day.  It started off OK, I got up, walked the dog, had coffee and was starving, I actually had that weird floaty need food feeling, so I grabbed a Victory bar.


I ate it down and continued to sip my weird coffee concoction.  I’ve been drinking this for a few weeks now, but after about ah hour, I felt incredibly hungry still, and then nauseous….

stomach virus.


Vomiting is never really fun.  With a fresh spinal fusion…it was a really frightening experience.  Because I’d been laying down, I didn’t have my big brace on to help you know, BRACE myself.  It was not that terrible, but I was scared that I’d squeeze out my cage or mess something up.

I also luckily had some zofran (anti emetic) which I took, and then drank up some seltzer.  Honestly, I really just wanted and still want some alka seltzer.

Sadly no Aspirin, no NSAIDS for 306 months.  I never knew how much I really and truly love aspirin.  I had to make do with a singulair for asthma and allergies, a tylenol and the zofran.

No more vomiting, but I gotta admit, I still feel very queasy.  Lets hope this passes quickly.  Because I now feel you know, kind of yucky, but it has nothing to do with the spine I think!



2 thoughts on “Turn of Events…

  1. Anne says:

    There must be some bug going around! My mom got sick while she was here, but it lasted no longer than about a day and today I got sick, but am already feeling “ok”…still drained and woozy, but no longer barfy. I hope this passes quickly for you too!!!

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