Indulging in a back update

So… my first follow up is thankfully in 2 days.

I got the robot call to remind me that the appointment is at 10:00 am, which is also a good thing because I thought it was at about 1:30.

It’s also a good thing it’s earlier in the day because oddly today, I started to get a wee bit restless. I blame my Mother. ill-show-her-when-i-grow-up-im-going-to-blame-my-mother-for-everything-wrong-with-my-life-720b5.png

Not exactly but I was on the phone with her today and she did her usual doom and gloom and told me, “Oh be prepared that the doctor may tell you your surgery was not at all successful”….

I suppose this is possible.  BUT.. to be honest, every follow up I’ve ever been to the Doctor always asks how I’m feeling first…(smart move right… if the patient says they are pleased, then there’s no issue even if there is an issue).  and secondly, when things don’t go well with surgery there are usually signs, you know… Like increased pain… drainage of nasty things from the surgical site.

Since the surgery I’ve had improved stability when walking, no drainage from any surgical site, and in general,  decreased pain.  To ME it seems that things are moving along as we had hoped.  Prior to leaving the hospital all of my post operative X-rays looked “great”.  There were no complications that I was told about during the procedure.  So, the idea that the follow up would go poorly is kind of strange.

I have some questions about the procedure itself, since I don’t really know what he did… he can answer them I’m sure because he was there and did the stuff, I’the only person in that room that had anesthesia.

I want to get back in the pool… and since I’m looking well healed I imagine I’ll be able to start pool walking….and maybe treading water which is much more interesting than pool walking.

I want to understand better why the no bending/twisting/ it to minimize pain or to maximize fusion.  Again, I’m fairly sure we can discuss this.

I also want to know about the monstrosity Brace. LSO1.jpgLSO1.jpg

He told me it was for “comfort only”…. But all the printed material says to wear it any time I’m out of bed. I’ve been wearing it a lot… but occasionally at 2 am it just doesn’t make it on from the bed to the bathroom.  The darn thing is super heavy.  It was the one confusing thing, so I’m again pretty sure he can clarify what that meant…

I am terrified that I may be doing too much “twisting” and a little bit of “bending”  I’m not actually bending, but I have been known to squat down a little while keeping the back straight- which still puts some pressure on the back. I do want to protect that bone graft, but well, it’s a hard concept for me to get for some reason.

I do still have some very irritating and not pleasant neurological symptoms, but based on how my leg feels I think they are working on healing, and I’m fairly sure the surgeon will have an opinion on those as well…

The one thing I REALLY want to know, but won’t, is if I am starting to fuse.  It’s too early. Apparently the earliest evidence of beginning of fusion can be seen is usually 6 weeks post op. So… while I desperately want reassurance that I appear to be fusing….I won’t have it until… about December 16th or whenever he orders the X-rays…. I just read that some people have a complication of “Exuberant bone growth”  Which put a funny cartoon in my head… but apparently no one else finds this funny, at least not on the internet.  I did kind of think about the enormous amount of supplements I take to encourage bone growth…with a bit of concern…

So I expect the follow up will go well, really but my Mom, you know… puts ideas into my pea brain.

Now all I can think of the few things that aren’t quite perfect, like the small bits of pain I have left in my back… the odd extra big swelling on the R side incision compared to the Left… which could be just about anything…from migrating hardware to just big swelling….


Good thing I essentially have only one day to wait…

Fingers crossed. (and yes, I’m going to continue to love my Mom but avoid chatting with her for a while…)


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