Recovery Mode

So I’ve kind of entered the blah phase of recovery mode.  I feel “pretty good” most of the time. I’m not laying about in any kind of agonizing pain.  I am also very limited in what I can and can not do which is draining to be thinking about how I’m getting up, rolling over in bed, getting in or out of a car…. I feel as if one wrong move will undo everything the surgeon did.

One really big wrong move could of course… or a repetitive series of small wrong moves, but… 90% of people fuse, and so I imagine since I am being careful… I should be part of the 90%.  604_Bone_cells.jpg

I will find out if I am starting to show any signs of bone growth in late December, so for now I am just eating this astounding amount of protein, and not doing a lot of bending lifting or twisting.

So yesterday after really doing only basic things, I decided to go out and do quite a lot.  It’s post operative day like 17 so I really have recovered.

I went to a Friendsgiving.


It was delicious and fun, and since I am not going anywhere for the holiday it was MY thanksgiving- so turkey, yams, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry.  I fear I’d been cloistered in my home so long that maybe I talked too much, but  that is the way of things.  I had a lot of fun.

I stayed about 3 hours and then wanted to go on down to a fund raiser/swim party at the lake. So I drove about 40 minutes down there…


And obviously did not swim, but took some photos and hung out with my friends.  This what what they were doing swimming 5K in a lake at dusk….


Since I could not swim, I did bring along a tiny donation and enjoyed seeing everyone else, and the afterparty.

It’s kind of funny.  I have to wear a brace now pretty much 100%  of the time Im out in public.  It’s not super comfortable, and when I see myself in it, I look a bit thick through the middle.  Most people seem to not even have noted.  So either they aren’t looking carefully, or they are being super polite in not mentioning that I seem to have grown.  Pretty sure when I get permission to ditch the brace, a lot of people will comment on how much weight I’ve lost.

So I went to the party saw some folks I knew, ate all sorts of good food again and then… abruptly, it started to POUR rain.  This is pretty rare in Florida in late November.  It rained and rained.  I hung around probably 45 minutes to an hour longer than I really wanted to… hoping it would stop, and finally braved it to drive home.  I hate driving in rain at night because well… Dark, wet, turnpike at 70 MPH what could go wrong?

So I did make it home.  I walked the dog and then apparently slept like a rock for the next 8 hours.  Definitely too too much for one day 17 days after surgery.  Still, I was amazing to be out, to see people and chat with them.

Today I just want to primarily rest, hang out on the couch, maybe do some Pre black friday Christmas shopping… and  keep my back “quiet”

I know that once back at work, the 90 days of “quiet back”  will fly by… but right now…


It’s taking some time.  In fact, I was just wishing i could go for a short swim…and then laughing at recalling how many times last year toward the end of the training I’d stare at the pool and just groan at having to get in again….. Always want what you don’t have…



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