Spine update…

Not much to update, but yet so much to update.

I went a little over 24 hours with very few symptoms in my right leg or back… and then the next day, of course… Bam.  its of tingling, right sided pain at one incision, and in general, not so hot.

I know from past experience that set backs do occur, and so far in my past experience, they seldom mean complete failure.


Not really fun however, and especially not fun to wait and wonder.  I have wondered if some of the treadmill walking is “too aggressive”.  It’s hysterical because I walk slower than most of the Senior citizens who also walk on the treadmills!!!  That said, today is the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m not going to be walking on anything but the outdoors with the dog and taking  rest. bruce-eric-kaplan-i-don-t-know-if-a-nap-is-part-of-god-s-plan-for-me-new-yorker-cartoon.jpg

A nap may not be God’s plan, but it sure is mine.  I am hoping it helps to heal anything I might have strained etc….

The other strange thing about my back is that 3 weeks into this back thing, I have realized how long the long term restrictions actually are.  Basic basic stuff… I wanted to rotate a plant yesterday as it is just starting to learn towards it’s light source… It’s on the door, so I can’t bend down to do it.  Some sources say it’s ok to bend once in a while, they give the example of tying shoes….but… I figure I should avoid unnecessary things. I surely would be extremely annoyed to mess up a fusion, just to rotate a plant.

I’ve had several moments where I’ve thought, OK, I’ll get to that when I can bend again… only to realize that it might be April before that occurs.

My friend is coming to do some Christmas baking with me and I am going to have her do all those little things, like rotate my plant, and stuff next weekend.  So all is not lost.

I sure hope this really improves.  As I’ve reflected on my year, I had a very interesting year. I’ll do a post on it later..I have had some experiences that I would not have had, directly related to the injury/surgery/recovery.  I’m glad I had those experiences, but HONESTLY, I would give every single one of them back to not have been through all of this hassle and pain and limitations.  It really is not worth it.  When I get annoyed about that, I have to remind myself that this was going to happen.  I had that defect in my spine for a long long time, and thus, sooner or later, the instability would occur…now I find I’m just hoping for a few more good years…..before the level above loosens and this occurs again.  Pragmatic? Not optimistic?  Maybe, but I think it’s the truth…

2 thoughts on “Spine update…

  1. First, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy it in relative comfort. I hear you on how things don’t always go as planned or hoped for: but as the Buddhists say, one’s expectations often add to our suffering, and once we let those go, suffering diminishes. Or something like that. I was never a good Buddhist. I used to have a fit when things didn’t turn out according to my carefully laid out plans; now I realize I can only plan for contingencies, but never for what’ll really happen.

    I think it will get better for you, but it will take time. Have patience with yourself. 🙂

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