Back to work


I went back to work on Black Friday.  Since I clearly do not work retail, it was actually super slow.  Only one other person was there so it was a good way to settle in, just wade through emails, and deal with the basics.

It was a good day but a very long one and I admit, I left about an hour early as we tend to do on holiday type days.

Over the weekend, I started to feel much better. I started to have little to no tingling and numbness to my right leg.

Monday I worked all day with no problems with my leg.  At the end of the day though, I started to have some pain and irritation….which has continued through today.  This is pretty typical.  Frustrating, but typical.  Nerves are irritated and things come and go.  I remain encouraged that they do actually seem to “go” for some time.

I remain optimistic, because I am still feeling more energy and making choices that do involve walking, something I would have avoided like the plague before the surgery.  The pain is less and less, but it is of course still present, so I just continue to focus on what is better and try not to worry about if this is permanent!




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