So how are the resolutions…and my Spine coming along?

Actually pretty well.

I’m eating more correctly. Not perfect yet, but it is improving.  The trick for me with the sweet tooth and sugar is to decrease it gradually until I stop craving it. So, I’ve been doing things like drinking chocolate milk as “dessert” at work. 15o calories, sweet and is milk with calcium which I desperately need for my spine fusion. Lots of salad, i’ve even “cooked” two crock pot meals so I’ve eaten at home a lot more this week, an even brought some left overs to work, so I’m pretty pleased.  I’m going to do another meal in the crock pot this week, and I am thinking about branching out into trying to make a carrot ginger soup.  So, feeling pretty good about this one. I’m not ruling out sweet all together, I just found a coupon for buy one and get one free sundae at Culvers, sooooo yes I’m going to take advantage of that with a friend.

Exercise is coming along well. We’ve had a cold snap so I have stopped any pool walking.  It’s too cold, and it wasn’t that great exercise anyway.  I’m feeling stronger and am seeing improvement in my heart rate and stamina. I was smart enough to take a complete rest day this week as we had hospital inspection week so I was standing and walking ALL day…and so so tired.

I have not done a thing about my Money, but I did finally stop by the club house to discover that they had issues with printing the coupon books for the HOA, so NO one got their coupon book.  So not late on that payment at all. I am going to the bank tomorrow and I’m going to at least move some more money into saving accounts.

Volunteer:  have not done a thing.  Must investigate.

And return to running.

My back/leg is improving. It isn’t perfect at all, but it is slowly getting better. the symptoms I have are more manageable.  It gets a bit crazy from time to time, but I do see it improving.  I am starting to think more and more and more about running…and wondering what running will look like for me after all of this.  People who don’t know me well have asked “Are you glad you did it”  HA ha ha Ha.  Those that watched me deteriorate weekly after injury have never asked this question.  But yes…. I AM glad I had the fusion done. I can walk now for hours…take care of relatively simple house tasks, and sit around and chat with folks for hours.  I am still struggling with not being able to bend much, or lift much, but my life is dramatically improved.

Hope everyone else has had a positive, calm start to the New 2016. Keeping your resolutions or have you pitched them to the wind?



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