Checking in…

The Resolutions!

Eating is going along OK. I am struggling with my love of Pizza during College Basketball season.  Yes.. I know these kids are really not exactly students who like to play ball, but you know.. I love it anyway.

I’m consistently making better breakfast and lunch choices, but dinner…well…I am getting there.  My Oven gets repaired next weekend so I am pretty excited about that. I will then be able to broil fish and make meat balls again…

Money:  I took a quick re look at all my automated deposits and upped the IRA one.  I have a ROTH, and I have yet to contribute the full amount allowed by law.  Each year I come up with about half.  I also dropped by the bank and did a transfer direct into savings.  My bank, in order to apparently comply with some money laundering laws, limits on line transfers.  Prior to the limit, I used to go in to the online account and transfer money will nilly.  It helped me to save a lot as once my money gets into a savings account I tend to forget about it.  Now, I have to remember to go to the ATM and do it…inconvenient, and I’m never going to just pop by there to transfer 15.00.

Volunteering: I finally signed up with “Hands on Orlando” which looks like it has some activities that I can do.  Packing hygiene kits for our sizable homeless population, and sorting donations of blankets and stuff.  I was kind of torn when they asked “Are you disabled”  No, I am not disabled, but I really can’t be lifting 50 pound boxes either. I checked no, and we will see.  I don’t see anything for dates that I can do in February yet, but I hope to get some friends to join me!


I am making progress.  The slowest progress ever.  I really understand why people dislike going to the gym.  When you ‘re out of shape, it really sucks. 10 minutes on the elliptical is like an eternity.


And the WORST part of this, is KNOWING how bad I suck at everything.  The humiliation continues in that it is January, I feel like a January-ist…


That said. I am working at things.  My radiculopathy is still kind of nutty.  Comes and goes, but it is staying away longer, and I can do more without firing it up.  I’m starting to feel some endurance.    I do feel like I will be able to run races again. I’m still pondering what about running… What will it mean to me?   How will it be?  Will I be able to put in 40 mile weeks, or will I have to be content with 25? Will the remaining nerve problems cause big or little problems?  Could I run Comrades?  Will I be able to really LIFT weights again? It’s kind of an unusual place to be. I’ve been so worried about running again, that I never really thought beyond “Can I run”.  Now, I realize that yes that will be possible, I’m smacked with the reality that it is going to be quite different. I won’t be able to just pick up where I left off.  All that, it’s still a pretty good feeling. I find myself smiling a lot more as I feel a lot of hope.

Work.  O.M.G. WORK.  We have a new Director. She is a dynamo. This is good and bad.  I really like her, and she is pushing me (and everyone) in different directions. Often it’s a little uncomfortable. So I’ve been actually pretty stressed at work.  Add in everyone else on my team feeling stressed, and it’s a bit of a pressure cooker.  I do hope that we can move beyond the stress… but I think if I can learn some new skills, and get over the initial uncomfortableness, we might be able to achieve even better results for the patients.  So for the past two weeks I think I’ve averaged like  55 hour work weeks, which I really dislike.  The new director is a slow mover and takes her time making decisions. She clearly wants to change some things, but so far has been unwilling to do it. At this point 5 months in, I wish she would implement some of the changes as we aren’t all proverbially holding our breaths.

So… we shall see… 2016 is going to be a very interesting year. How is your year moving along?


3 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. It sounds like your resolutions are on track! But it’s still January, after all. 🙂 My boxing gym is packed now! Last week, a friend asked me to save a place for her on the floor for our fitness class. I laid out my gloves and towel on the spot next to me, but my friend was almost 20 minutes late for class. In the meantime, another person slipped in and took her spot, neatly moving my equipment aside. When my friend finally showed up, she fumed at not being able to find space on the floor. I told her to come earlier next time. It just doesn’t seem right to hold a spot for somebody who’s that late when other students are coming in on time.

  2. Our Kick boxing class- which I think is faux kick boxing…as no one boxes anyone seems to be the smallest of the gym classes, I think it would be the best if I could do it!

  3. Mike Joyce says:

    I’m impressed with even 25 miles a week! I last commented in your “time poverty” post, and it’s really hard for me to run much more than 10 miles a week due to job/family commitments.

    As a result of not getting in the proper milage, I injured myself last year running in my first-ever Half. I took a break all winter, and just last week started again.

    I am up to a measly 1.5 miles a week, but if all goes well I should be up to 13 by summers end. Aiming for 8:30 miles. How has your running been? (Sorry if I haven’t been able to check in often and catch all of your entries.)

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