So quick update here:

Teulu the Wonder dog… is a Wonder dog.  I took him back to the Vet on Monday and he suddenly perked up..ate all the snacks in the jar (crunch crunch crunch), and made the new vet look at me and tell me, “Just take him for a nice walk” So I did.  He is a lot less active than he was in the recent past, but he is eating well, and walking fairly well and seems much happier.  What a crazy adventure that was.

Second strange thing of the week. A blast of sorts from the past.. a colleague of mine who I met and worked with in Africa, who is up north at a university contacted me to see if I wanted to take part in a survey project he had envisioned in W. Africa.  Did I?  Well yes- yes I did.  He was in town for a conference and we met up and did some work and pushed the project back to June- hoping we can find a source for some small funding.  I hate looking for funding, and this project looks to be pretty great, so I hope some turns up. First time we have ever met up when we weren’t in Africa.  Odd.

Off to the National Health Safety Network conference tomorrow.  As I am there, I will also meet up hopefully with another colleague from Nigeria to discuss funding (and since he’s a blast… have some fun too!)

Thankfully, a friend of mine has offered to look after the Wonder Dog, as I still don’t want him at the vet.  I hope she gives him a load of attention, I mean.. some days I’m barely home, but I do sleep here at night… I don’t want him to feel lonesome…

My spine situation  has improved and worsened, and improved and worsened.  The Neuropathy has been quite challenging.  I started PT and we discovered not surprisingly, I am weak and overweight!  I was able to start a new medication for neuropathy this week and so far, it seems to actually be pretty much controlling the pain- which is such a GREAT RELIEF that I no longer care if I am damaging anything.  I’ll have to see what the Doctor thinks however.

So, things humming along.  I’m worried about work- I have a lot of meetings of course in the next two to three weeks that involve a lot of presentations.

SO those are the updates.. Very brief.  But I am so happy about my wonder dog…


3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Happy to hear about Teulu feeling better. Did his vet say what might have been the problem earlier? I hope your doctor can help you so that your spine situation improves. Presentations at work…yuck. Once they’re done you have some less stressful time at work?

  2. Happy to hear the news about ‘wonder dog ‘ . Spine stuff .. What a pain.. I know u just got my other hip replaced this month .. And It’s been much harder than the other I had done last year? P/T is challenging however I know that is the key to healing properly. So suck I up right! Glad u have something that helps with your pain.. Take care .

  3. Vicki says:

    So glad for your precious wonder dog!!! No doubt you feel happy about that. Sounds like a busy week filled with projects and meetings. Remember to breathe.

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