Teulu The Wonder Dog

Teulu the wonder dog took his last breaths last evening.  It was actually the difficult end I was trying to avoid 2 weeks ago, but I guess it’s ok.

He didn’t seem too much worse than usual when I got home.  I was mostly annoyed as my dog sitter/friend had seen fit to spray the entire house with some sort of heavily scented air freshener.  My typical pattern to freshen the air in the house is to open the doors and windows.  So all day friday and saturday I was coughing up a storm.

Saturday night we settled in to watch the Duke vs Carolina game… which apparently did not turn out too well for Duke.  In the second half, Teulu started to have what turned out to be one gigantic seizure.  Even for someone who has seen lots of people and animals have seizures, this was disturbing to me.  Especially because it went on and on and on.  He would seem to recover, and then it would start again.  I think it may have actually lasted 10 minutes, which is hugely long for a seizure.  After, he had a prolonged post-ictal phase where he stumbled all around the house, running into walls and in general not doing well.

I made the decision that this was horrible for him, and took him over to the bizarre 24 hour vet office in the next town.  The vet there has a very questionable reputation, but since we were there for a non -diagnostic visit, I didn’t care. In fact, he was very kind and gentle to my dog.  He did give some medicine that was not totally needed etc, and it may have jacked up the price, but in the end I think it was ok.  Teulu did not suffer at all, and in fact oddly wagged his tail all through this visit, until all the medications worked.

Given the horrendous seizure I witnessed, I am not really in a big depressed grieving state that people seem to imagine I might be in.  This was absolutely awful and not at all comfortable for the dog.  I know it was the right time and the right thing was done.  Mostly I feel relief that I don’t have to worry about that at all, and I no longer have to worry about him.  I will miss him, but I do not miss wondering if he was feeling good, etc…

He was a pretty good companion for so much of my life that it does feel a little bit quiet around here….



6 thoughts on “Teulu The Wonder Dog

  1. Anne says:

    I am sorry for your loss, even if it was time for him to go. He was such a handsome fella – you gave him a good life!

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s nice you were able to have Teulu in your life for so long; I know you have many good memories. I relate to your feelings about Teulu’s seizure,as my late Golden had a similar situation happen to him the same day he was put to sleep.

  3. I know you’re relieved to not see Teulu suffer any longer, but I also get that strange emptiness in the house after a much-loved dog has passed. Thoughts and prayers for you and Teulu.

  4. Much much sympathy, hugs and peace coming your way. I know all too well the pain that losing them brings. But, the sharp pain passes and eventually the good memories remind us why we love them, over and over again.
    Love the picture of you and Teulu.

  5. What a difficult ending to your pooches life. I’m glad they were able to ease him out of the world without any more discomfort. You will miss him, I’m sure. Our animal companions fill a large part of our lives.

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