Cats and things.

I guess I was not meant to be a pet-less household.

A week after Teulu’s demise, I found myself at the local Animal shelter. I admit, I really really wanted another dog. I came very close to taking a dog home, but after walking through the kennels (Oh so sad, those doggies know how to look totally hopeful)… I forced a sharp turn to the “Kitty Condos”

Luckily there was a great volunteer who helped me to “interact” with the cats.  Back in the day I worked at an Emergency Veterinary Clinic, and honestly those cat experiences have stayed with me.  I was surprised at how none of the cats actively attempted to bite me.

I have low standards…

I met my first little lady a gray and white 2 yr old in the first cage.  I had had my heart set on an all gray cat, but there were none to be found, and really, that seemed a bit trivial.  I do like the gray fur because I think it’s a little tiny bit softer and different.  That settled, I went on to look for my second feline friend.  I was all for another gray and white one, but was told the one that I had seen on the web site was actually feral.  I sort of thought, oh maybe she’s just shy… but after some discussion with the animal control officer, I realized that they really know cats, and I’m totally not a “Cat Whisperer”. I strolled about the back area and none of the cats really appealed.  I then went back to the “Condos” and on impulse decided to look at all the cats…the second cat started to purr as I opened the cage door…. I was sold… I mean, that was definitely “the cat”

So I took them home, I had 2 cardboard carriers and felt indeed like I had just gotten a “Crazy cat lady starter kit”the_crazy_cat_lady_starter_kit_by_kennerz27-d5wjl3i.jpg

Our shelter has a great situation right now.  For 15.00 I was able to take home 2 adult spayed cats with some food and medication (respiratory infection now gone) and vaccinations.  So I guess it was kind of a starter kit.

I was terrified that they would not get along…

SO here’s a photo of their first 10 minutes in the home…


They are not glued together, but… they are ok with each other.


This is Mavis Staples…

I will save a photo of Violeta del Rio for later…

My main observations from our first week together… Cats are not Dogs…





3 thoughts on “Cats and things.

  1. Anne says:

    Awwwww! I love your story! Definitely not dogs, but awesome in their own, independent right. 🙂 Congrats on your new babies!!!

  2. I had to smile at your experience. Yes, cats are very different, but they have their own way of showing love. I’m very glad I have my Sunny, even if she sometimes acts like a jerk. (Jumping on my chest when I’m lying in bed, sick with the flu, is not a sign of love, Sunny.) If you start missing having a dog, you can always introduce one later, though it’ll have to be a mellow guy who’s used to being around cats.

    (My little dog had to put up with three cats, one of them a crazy feral who hissed at him every time she walked by. Sometimes he’d react and chase her, but most days he was resigned to being One and Only Dog in the house.)

    Have fun with your new furbabies! If you’re like most cat owners, you’ll take lots of pictures of their antics, and we will expect you to share them here!

    • The internet was made for Cat pictures, I swear. My cats, are still very reticent, I think because they are adults and spent some time in the shelter, which is not a happy cat type of place. So not too many pictures… Every day they get a bit better, though.

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