Weekly Training Wrap Up.

Oh Goodness what an odd week.

It started with the coaching email getting all messed up.  I first got a blank email.  Then about 20 minutes later, I got a very abbreviated one saying… “Forget the Sharks” (which I found HYSTERICAL!)  Then he sent me an attempt as some sort of file that refused to unzip…and then finally I got a short email typed workout that by mid week left me wondering if he had left some of it out, particularly the swimming.

In total I ran 17 miles,  4 sessions on the spin bike, one pool session and 2 weights sessions.

Usually I would have 2 pool sessions, but either he took pity on my shark fear, he forgot, or he wanted to have me swim a little less.  The swim was kind of arduous as it was this week anyway so I was glad to just have the one on there.  It’s been chilly and getting out of the pool is an exercise in fortitude.

article-2534181-1A6DB5D800000578-282_964x681For some reason on Pool days, even after a STEAMING hot shower and lots of hot beverages, I struggle to regain a sensation of comfort.  My body remains cold all day long.  It has to be all in my head though. Luckily this week, I had to be at work a bit early, so I got out a bit early and took advantage of a near empty pool in sunshine.  Sunshine apparently thwarts all shark fears for me.

The runs all went pretty well.  I have been mostly running from the gym to whatever turn around point and running back.  It’s kind of a hilly route- which is really par for the course here in “The Gem of the Hills”  I just realized I did ALL 5 of these runs along the same route.  I’ve been using that route a lot.  I have to admit today I had a few moments where I was thinking ahead – “In just a bit you will come up to the little hill, so slow down some…” I think I probably need to go somewhere else even if my run doesn’t increase next week.  I am a bit bored with running around the hospital.  PLUS, I admit, seeing the hospital from many angles on my run does nothing to lower my stress level regarding my job.

I “TOOK POSSESSION”  of my beautiful new Road Bike on Thursday!  I’ve been falling off of it ever since.  I can not seem to get the hang of riding it.  Not to be deterred, I have discovered that there is indeed a service for every need, and that there are a few people in my area who teach basic bike riding and some are considered experts at teaching balance to adults.  I reached out to them, and am hoping to set up a time.  I am trying not to become too discouraged by my lack of success.  Hopefully I will be like these others… My secret (not so secret) fear is that I will never be able to go for a 20 mile bike ride.  I will be forever tied to the stationary bike, and thus miss out on any Triathlon fun, or just riding.

On Saturday I did run my “Megsmiles”  3.5 to be exact.   This is a bit like “I run for Boston” but I did it anyway.  It really broke my heart to read about this Mom who ran who was essentially mowed down by a drunk driver.  Sadly no amount of running miles…paying money to run virtual miles in her memory etc is going to change the outcome. (I’ve done too many of these miles for someone killed this year, so maybe I am getting jaded.)  I do think it might be touching for her family to know that the athletic community is quite upset about this, but I caution everyone to remember that running your miles in honor of someone really isn’t going to change anything.  No amount of cute photo montages will change this outcome. To change things, we have to actually take action against Drunk Driving.  I hope that this tragedy sparks some conversations and discussions.





I am continually impressed at how easily the running community pulls together…and then I am unimpressed at how easily we are placated. Again, lets work to change the culture of drunk driving…and not worry so much about printing cute virtual race bibs.  One friend I know wrote that in addition to running his miles for Meg, he planned on not talking or texting anymore while driving.  That action I can get excited about.  I do think, being an avid runner, that Meg would have thought it really cool the amount of running being done in her honor, I’m especially excited about folks who say they’ve never run before, who did some running in her memory!

Sunday I ran 4…and cycled for 30 minutes. I was a bit frustrated by the amount of perceived effort on the 4.  This should be easier, but it isn’t. So moving right along to the next week…we’ll see if it improves any!





Well, I finally bit the bicycle bullet.  With some patience and massive searching a good quality bicycle for a great price was discovered by a friend in Minnesota. For a few weeks there, it was an all out manhunt for a small road bike that wasn’t completely trashed.

7719056651105-2TIt is actually a bit more BIKE than I bargained for.  However…it’s a bike that will last as long as I want to ride and maintain it.  And it has resale value should I not want to ride and maintain it…always a possibility!

Most everyone I know is more excited than I am about this bike’s arrival.  I think it’s because they are good riders and do not know the actual terror that faces me when I get on the bike.  I admit, I am excited too.  I would LOVE to do triathlon in some form or fashion, and while this is not a Tri Bike, it is a bike that would work for most Tri’s.  I’m not that crazy, I think I’d use the road bike even for a 70.3….unless someone wanted to lend me a Tri bike.

So….looking forward to seeing it arrive and hoping for the very best with this.  It is certainly going to be a new experience.  Hopefully by this time next week I will be wobbling along both feet on the pedals with nothing broken to show for it.

When did you learn to ride a bike?  Do you even remember it?  What was the biggest challenge?