Through the wringer.

Wow what a work week.

It finally arrived…the week of the fake regulatory inspection.

I had been dreading this for months, possibly even for a year.  I had been preparing, but after a certain point, you just have to do it…

Monday I went and did my workout and showed up to work…almost late. I had forgotten my ID badge.  I don’t normally do this as the badge is the key to getting paid, getting food at the cafeteria, and to moving around the hospital.  Without it, you are not paid, you can’t eat and you are really limited to where you can go without setting off alarms.  On top of that, it would be something inspectors look for.  Right?

We all went up to the meeting room right at 08:30 and were presented with a list of documents that the inspectors wanted to see.  My “interview” was tuesday.  I think the inspector did kind of like me.  He asked if I wanted to tag along to the OR.  So I did briefly, but kind of spun off right as he got started with the observing time outs and things that do not concern me.  I then got right to work on getting all my documents together.  Thanks to my Very annoying boss…this was an easy task.



So score one for the boss.

When it finally came time for the interview she came along with me.  She really did not need to but that’s how she is..Annoying.

She didn’t talk at all, but what she did do was make phone calls- jillions of them.  The calls indicated where we were headed who we were going to talk to next.  It started out well for me with my annual reports.  He initially looked at me and asked, “did you make the reports?”  I stuck to the Yes/No answers al the while thinking… “who the hell else would do such a thing here?”  Luckily he liked them.  He then looked at my new 2014 risk assessment and plan and asked me a few pointed questions.  Again I got the answers correct. He was then very complimentary.  Asked me some questions that really got me going and worried but then he backed off of them.  We then sailed down to the education office to see what type of HAI education is provided regularly.  The education lady panicked with him, and it just kept getting worse.  We asked her to show some net learning and she got so nervous she couldn’t get the modules open.  All the while her voice kept getting louder and louder.  So…from there…we checked out an isolation patient, and interviewed housekeeping.  Housekeeper was a ROCK STAR.  Nurse…well, lets just say I pray to Jesus she is not working when the real Regulatory Visit occurs.  I did learn alot about what the nurses do not know.  We then checked out another isolation room in the ICU, where I got a high five for the Ventilator Associated Pneumonia prevention bundles.  It’s sort of funny cause I didn’t invent them nor do I monitor them, but…they are there.  The nurse was a rock star there.   At that point our tracer ran into a medication tracer, and all inspectors and such collided.  Our inspector looked at me and said lets go to HR.  I had no idea why but I said, OK.   In HR he traced back the fit testing of the respiratory masks in employee health.  And with that, BAM.  My time was DONE.  My Boss actually hugged me…and told me I did well.  I had no idea.

I had to go do a terrifically long and not so fun workout afterwards…whoa so exhausted.

The next day we had the big summation.  There were many issues.  This is why we pay them.  I was not sure what to expect.  My inspector went second so I had to listen through a lot of things, and I was quite worried.  It’s on thing to have an inspector tell me “Hey fix that process” It’s quite another to sit in a room of your peers and the Senior Leadership of an organization and have the inspector say, “Your Nurse X needs to fix the process…”  Oddly…instead of the fix the process statement, the inspector started by saying, So…”Infection Control”  and a big pause.  I was so ready to hurl.  He then said, well, it’s a broad topic.  Lots of great stuff.  The best of it was the flu plan.  It contians so much that shows exactly how you plan on acheiving the JC goals.  I started to breathe again. I actually was a bit concerned when he said, “the best of it was the flu plan”  because I do not think my flu plan is all that Hot…but it’s better than a lot.  He then said, Well, i usually have 3 pages but thats all I have so Kudos to “mizunogirl”  she’s really taken care of the hospital.

Yes.  My 15 minutes of fame.




The next day I came in to work to find multiple congratulatory emails from coworkers who had been in the summation and Senior leadership. So Whoo!

After that I started to feel a confidence I had not felt before and I felt so relaxed…I mean I guess I’d been prepping for this for well over a year…and wow now it is done…for a while.

Of course… Any time you totally relax and get a little proud… You know…

God kind of reminds us of just how tiny we are and how we are really in his hands.  One of my nicer qualities is that I do generally recognize God working in my life, and in the past few days I had really been praying and celebrating God for his help when I had been really struggling with the preparations.  But Still…I was feeling a bit heady.

Today my boss came back and asked in a quavering voice about urinary tract infections…

I looked and looked and discovered indeed I had forgotten to do something about a month ago.  I immediately felt my heart sink again in to my chest.  She looked at me and kindly explained that it wasn’t as big a deal as I thought it was…

So yeah.  where am I tonight?  I’m still thrilled that things went well with the inspection – at least on my end…

But…I know who to really thank…



(And yes, I am going to get my Annoying boss lady something very sweet and pretty this weekend!)


Loose ends

I was going to write an end of week summary but to be honest, my week was a blur of work and sickness.  There just wasn’t much to write home about.  The illness really threw me for a loop and kind of got my carefully balanced schedules all out of whack.

I do it seems have a lot of loose ends swirling about. So forgive me, as I indulge in processing them!

Work for the next week should be better.  I have finished up all my Joint Commission stuff.  This is one of those projects where at some point a person just has to stop.  I could have worked on that notebook forever and ever.  I’m not confident that it will go OK with the Mock Survey, but if it doesn’t at least after the mock, I will know what to work on.

Tomorrow the head guy from the large hospital system is coming out to visit.  He is a great guy.  So much so that I am baking him a Pie.  Well.  Marie Callendar made the pie, but it is currently in my oven baking.  He has a huge sweet tooth.  I need his help but I am unsure of what even to ask him, so we’ll see how that goes.

In addition, I think I will have time FINALLY tomorrow morning to really really work on the Validation stuff which will help me greatly.

This weekend in addition to running my race, I worked for about 6 hours writing a personal statement for an Infection Prevention Fellowship.  I am kind of ambivalent about it.  I want it because it would provide travel and mentorship and support…but I also look at it and see MORE WORK.   Most amusing part of the weekend was reading bunches of example personal statements and realizing that people don’t write “good.”  Check these out. Since when has it been acceptable to start a sentence with And, or But?  Another charmer opened with the statement, “When I first study medicine I learned it…”   And not only that but Sample statement 11 and Sample Statement 3 are the exact same personal statement with a differing first paragraph.  Better not use the example of learning to play the violin…even you do play the violin! These are the ones selected as compelling!  So…After some major work I had composed a statement of 900 words.  I pared it to 345.

So Training.  I love to train but the last 2 weeks have been very strange.  2 weeks ago I was too sick to do any of my long training and this week I remained sick and also had a taper for my race.  So my head feels unfocused.  In addition, I have not gotten my coaching plan.  I got a quick email late afternoon asking how the race went but nothing since.  So, I’m awaiting that.

I have high hopes to find new joy in training this week and also to tie up some of the major stressors at work this week.

Wish me luck!


Sorry no graphics in the post or anything fun…but rest assured, take a peek at those personal will be laughing for hours.

End of week.

Happy Sunday everyone!

How has your week been?  Any awesome training?  Any Awesome events?

I regret to tell you all that my week of training was kind of regular, like always.  No events, Nothing particularly awesome.  I’m fighting a bit of a feeling of despair.


Because I am an adult, I know that this feeling comes and goes.  When smack in the middle of it though, it’s unpleasant and it is hard to believe that it will pass.  Plus, it’s a bit hard for others to understand.  Like, I’m really battling this out, and I come in the gym and my friend is there…she wants to complain about not getting a parking spot close to the door because of a soccer tournament. She is fired up about this, and I am like feeling like I am sinking into a mudpit of misery.  So I kind of kept to myself a lot.


So training.

So I am feeling lousy.  But the week was designed really well.  I could hug my coach (but I probably won’t…) Every time I would think “oh wow, I’m pretty sore, I don’t want to run when I’m this sore”  there was suddenly a swim on the workout.  It was like Ha ha ha, the workout was designed for me…(which duh, it was).

17.5 miles this week.  It seems like nothing but I admit that it has been somewhat draining on me.

2 swim sessions which adds in about 3 miles of swimming

and the Bike… about 54 bike miles total.

So since I am so down on myself…I need to recognize progress:

Tempo run on Wednesday…I know it should be on Tuesday so I can report “tempo tuesdays”  but whatever, my tempo is usually wednesdays.  I did not want to run it and found that I am capable of running below my 5K PR pace…(well for 2 miles).

FIrst speedwork session of the year.



Executed perfectly.  learned some new strength exercises.

Had a bit of fun cycling with a friend.

Hoping my persistent bad mood lifts soon…I have a feeling it may.



Lifes Little Updates…

Well,  WORK, has been a real adventure.  Like I noted in my last post…some things have been very difficult.  Last week was one of those weeks.  I had made several “errors” in handling things.  So, I was feeling incredibly down and mopey on the last 2 days of work that I had to work.  I am learning that it is really difficult to work on anything long term when one feels like they are in trouble.  It is paralyzing.   So I was not enjoying my week.  I did finally managed to get some things done, and kind of just deal with things.

On Friday, I came back from lunch to a big green folder on my desk.  Immediately I looked in it.  It was 2 purchase requests that had been signed by our CFO.  I was to sign my approval on the purchases.  One of the purchases was a project I had been working on since I got this job.  I had thrown up my hands, trying to push it through.  I had given my written proposal to a Manager and found out how it was supposed to be submitted.  He did it.  Apparently the CFO decided to approve it, despite the very big expense involved.  I saw the CFO, and I asked him, “Does your signature mean you approved this and we will get these?”  and he said , “well, yes, thats what my signature means.”

So I then asked him if I could tell anyone else, and he said yes, SOOO, I took that juicy piece of news over to the Intensivist who dislikes me.  He could have been blown over by the lightest wind when I shared that.  High fives all over.  The nicest part was that the CFO happened to be walking by and the Intensivist pulled him over and said,  “You know this woman she just saved you a pile of money”  (The proposal was for about 30K of equipment, meant to save us about 80K in treatment of hospital illness.).

So the week ended on a high note.  Only thing…the Intensivist is not in charge of me, so his opinion really does not matter.  I do hope though if I remain in this job that I will be able to work better with him now.  I was pleased to be praised (this kind of ties into later in this post), and I also like how I was able to work with a variety of people and now we can all share in our success.  I admit I was concerned, egotistically, that everyone else would be recognised except me.  While I don’t really crave celebration of myself, I do want people to know that I am working hard and that I am worth the paycheck!   It’s a hard balance, I want to be humble, but at the same time, I want people to see that I do the job I was hired for…. Hopefully the product will really work.

I do miss my old job.  The schedule was more conducive to running and training, but what can one do?  God really does have a plan or each and every one of us.   I think though- whenever we say “God has a plan”  We expect some sort of grandiose thing…you know- God wants you to “Save all starving Children” or “Minister to the sick in Tanania” or “Adopt all unwanted children!”

In our lives, I really think that God’s plans are not always grandiose, and one can serve in any capacity.  As Martin Luther King Jr said.

You don’t have to watch the Oprah stuff….  and if you dislike Oprah, or you like this  MLK statement very much you may listen to his entire sermon…

I also really recommend you listen, its worth 19 minutes of your life.  It may change your life, if you really listen and think.

As far as running.  I’m finally recovered from whatever I did to my left leg recently.  But I am way behind on training for my Half in July, so I decided just to bag it and run the 4 miler instead.  No point in being miserable.

I pushed back all of my Marathon plans to February, and oddly when doing that, I have been able to run a lot of races I have wanted to do for some time now!   And a few I actually already know I dont like much.. but when your plan says, run 15K…and you have an actual local 15K race, you kind of have to do it, its kismet…. I want to raise some money with my Marathon.  I’m in debate, I want to either raise for Multiple Sclerosis Research, or possibly the Food Bank.  My cousin has MS, and it has really stolen much of her life…I so admire her for her positive attitude.

I’m very interested to see how training goes. I picked a fairly aggressive schedule.  My only question right now is that the training involves a key workout of hills every 3 weeks.  I’m not really sold on running hill repeats just yet.  Will have to consult my old Physical Therapist.   My Hip is fairly healed, but I tend to get little strains in the area, due to continued weakness.  I have learned not to freak out when things feel tender, mostly because I now have enough experience with the whole hip labrum repair to understand that this is not permanent, it is just a tiny strain.  I am going to start training using a Half Mary training schedule in later July, and then switch a week to the end into a fairly aggressive Marathon training schedule.  It’s not totally aggressive, but there are midweek runs up to 10 miles, which to me is pretty long for a midweek.  I’ll see how things go… I still have the services of the best Massage Therapist in the country for the moment, though she is currently being courted by of course, Olympians, and also some Major League Baseball teams.  She really helps me stay in perspective as well.  Nothing like being nude, and strapped to a table screaming in pain to put things into perspective.

This week is also the first time I want to start Talking about Operation Christmas Child.  Back to school stuff is now for sale (already!)  and it is a great time to pick up crayons, colored pencils, erasers, small notebooks and paper for your holiday boxes.  I do want to say I know that some of the politics of Operation Christmas Child’s parent organization are actually not very Christian.  However…I remember being a kid also.  I was never all that aware of the politics behind all that.  I think this is reprehensible.  I also think that for a child in an impoverished situation, getting a box full of toys at Christmas…thats all that they will be focused on…not any sort of message. I do not ever donate any extra cash to the organiation, for fear that it would be used to spread that rather hateful and stupid message.   If you would choose not to support that, there are always of course toy drives in your local community.  Since the boxes of crayons were on sale for 0.25 cents a box, I bought quite a few boxes.  Most kids get new crayons in September, so by December, a new box would probably be welcome! I avoided the markers, just because I feared they would dry up by the Holiday.  If you are interested in making a box for Operation Christmas Child…click the link, it will explain everything.

This is really why I do this.  Samaritans Purse has the infrastructure to reach into so many places that no one else can…so yes, its worth it..

Soooo, I am going to listen to MLK, and try to see my way.  I’m not here to do anything but serve, Just listening to the speech while I was typing this, I find myself in a much more settled state mind.  Indeed, I want to be successful, but I wonder exactly what does success look like?


For some reason,  over the past few weeks I have been managing to put things off!   Time sensitive things….not the usual getting the laundry done a day late or such.

It lead me to think a little bit about procrastination and why We do it.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.  ~William James

Indeed!  In this past 2-3 weeks I had the need to make plane reservations, make reservations for my Sweet Puppy to go to boarding for the holiday, pay one bill via telephone, and complete a poster for work.

None of that was insurmountable.  In fact, most of it was quite easy.   The poster being the most challenging because I had to digest some information into poster sized bits and then actually create it.  So, why was all of that suddenly so difficult that it took em several weeks to accomplish?

I delved into the subject just a little.  it appears that chronic procrastinators make up about 15-20% of the general population.  This surprised me as I would have though it to be more.  The article that cites 15-20% also states that procrastinators tend to have issue with impulse control, and tend to be of the “live for today” type of personality.  I found that interesting as I am not an impulsive person.  I actually am the opposite of impulsive.  I will ponder a purchase of something large for quite a while, and have practiced the belief that if one can not afford something, there is no reason to purchase it on credit.  I don’t smoke, or overeat.  I’m a guilty of running overmuch…hmm.

Here is how many of us see Procrastination.  You can see the original  over here , check out the Hyperbole and Half blog, it’s entertaining.

So, looking at that, perhaps I am not one of those chronic procrastinators.  maybe I am just an Occasional one.

In looking around some more, I found this article by to fit the bill more appropriately.

It lists 5 reasons why people put things off.

* We have not really committed to the task.

* Fear of the task itself

* The task itself is of Low Priority to you

* We don’t know enough to actually complete the task.

*We just plain don’t want to do it!!!

These reasons seem to be more along the line of an occasional procrastinator.


For example, with the bill that I needed to pay, it was overdue because of an issue with my electronic password.  I had tried a few times to get the password fixed, but finally got fed up and asked for a paper bill, which I will get next month.  This month’s bill though still had to be paid.  I was not afraid of making the call, and I do know how to use a telephone.  I just simply did not want to spend all that time on hold again just to give them some money.  Of course, it hung on my mind so much that I eventually forced myself to get it done.  Not surprisingly, after this, I felt much better.

In boarding the Dog…I put it off for two reasons; firstly I could not decide exactly when I wanted to take him and secondly, once I decided I started to worry that there was not a spot for him in the kennel.  Now…it would seem that calling would allow me to know.  But, I knew the minute I found there was no kennel spot I would have to start looking for a new Kennel.  That would have been a hassle.  Of course, calling in earlier November would have reduced this problem greatly.  As it turned out, there was a spot, and we are all set.  Another huge relief.

In making the poster for work. I will admit it was not a high priority for me.  I did the research and knew what I wanted the poster to say.  At that point I sort of stopped.  I was not sure my Manager really wanted it, or if I was just doing busy work.  Once she asked me about it again, I got it done in 3 days.   It has been found in another study

 when procrastinators do cram to finish the work, they work at a dizzying pace. “They work almost 11 times the average rate. Real procrastinators, just before the deadline, are mercurial,”

So, it was pretty easy to get done.  I was not thrilled with it as it was not extremely beautiful.  I do realize now though that I lack some tools to make things beautiful- most notable being a printer in my home.

  So the upshot of all of this stuff being taken care of in a 3 days period, after me thinking about it for about 3-4 weeks…is that I slept exceedingly well last night.

I really should learn to take care of this stuff as it comes, rather than holding on to it.

There are many helpful tips regarding procrastination.  Here are some of the biggies that are mentioned time and time again.

* break down a large task into smaller concrete steps.

* If faced with multiple things, start with the hardest/easiest first (depends on what type of person you are I suppose!)  I’m a “worst first” type!

* Create a To-do list that is physical and cross off the tasks as you do them

* Create accountability for each task…give yourself someone to answer to other than yourself.

It seems that not all of these techniques work all of the time.   But there is one that seems to trump them all, and it is the basic….


when I finally get to the point, where I just sit down and get it done, nothing feels better!

How do you procrastinate?  Is it one thing each time (like the bills?), or does it hit you seasonally?  What are your best tips for Getting things done?