Wow.  Ever since Thanksgiving, I have felt like things are just moving so so quickly.

I worked a lot of the Christmas week, as it was my holiday this year, that and New Years eve.  Both days were busy, and busy with stupid stuff.  People really come to , and are referred to the ED for things that Emergency Departments can not fix.  We can not diagnose a bizarre rash that has your PCP stumped (Unless your PCP really sucks!), nor can we pull teeth or do root canals.  We are also not a place to show up because you need an MRI but you don’t want to wait 2 more weeks until your appointment.  Sometimes people wonder why we seem so jaded but it’s generally because the odd event that has just happened to a person personally has been seen by us multiple times over the years.   This Great Doctors response to the huge influx of narcotic seeking patients has gone very viral throughout  the Emergency medicine community, it really resonates with us.

But anyway. I have signed up for some extra work hours simply to pad up my bank account again.  It took a hit with those weekly massages and biweekly Physical therapy sessions.

Beyond that, my social life has exploded.  The day after Christmas I was able to go with a friend to see the Orlando Magic Opening Home game.  It was AWESOME.  I had never been to an NBA game before, so the whole experience was new.  I have to say it was so much more fun than I imagined. It helped that my pal had great seats.  After that, I had my race day, and then a crazy 40 hour work week in 4 days (3 12 hr shifts and a 4 hr shift), and then this weekend I will get to experience the other side of racing….volunteering at the Disney Marathon weekend with friends.  After than I am attending a friends 50th Birthday party, and also a get together Disney Dinner for my running group- as most of them are running something. Oh and I am going with friends to the Expo at Disney to meet up with 110% gear people.  They want to see if they can help me find some appropriate compression for my groin area.  My new compression gear is good, but apparently the groin area is often left intentionally loose, for obvious reasons.  So I am looking forward to meeting the experts in compression.   YIKES.

I sort of want to sit in my own little corner and catch my breath a bit

I am hoping to be able to do that, but…it does not look that great.  I have some   

future events in January and then February is a short month, and then there

is the Seaside Half Marathon which involves all the beach house rental and

a variety of people coming.  I am hoping to set a small small Personal Record.

And I do mean small I want to run a 2:30 or less.  that will take 7 minutes off

my PR from 2008.  This year does seem to be my year as long as I stay uninjured

and don’t push it too hard.  I am having some small problems with my right foot

mostly just soreness and my old hammer toe acting up, so I need to splint down the hammer toe

again, and hope the sole of my foot feels improved.  It isn’t Plantar Faciatis or anything crazy but on some days it feels fairly ick.

So, here’s hoping I make in through the next few months with my sanity intact.  I like going out, but I admit I am a homebody and would prefer to spread this out a bit.

I am back to training with my old coach as of today.  He really is kicking my rear though it is sort of funny because he really has no idea of what I am up to these days.  We did a bunch of exercises that I had “passed”  in physical therapy.  I was going to say something but then I noticed that several of them even though I had advanced, were still pretty challenging.  I also did push ups.  I have never in my life done a push up.  So Wow, guess I am a push up doer now.

My diet, even though it was not a New Years Resolution, seems to have improved dramatically since I started logging more and more running miles.  I have a Pint of Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee in my freezer.  It has been there for about a week to two weeks.  I have  had no desire to consume it.  I did decide to also start to try to use truvia- the sweetener from the plant.  I have heard it tastes a bit like licorice, but we shall see.  I bought a box today, in hopes it could help me  as my blood glucose has been running 108 fasting for one year now….under 100 is where it needs to be.  So a combo of more running and a lot of broccoli seems to have resulted in a tiny weight loss.  Funny thing is that people seem to think I have lost tons, so thats odd, but I love the compliments.

Running is going along so well, its hard to believe.  I had a bad run today but I still enjoyed it since I was out running.  The first 2 miles were amazing.  I was relatively speedy and not at all short on my breath.  Of course then I had to conquer some of our hills, and  that killed off the run.  I need to back off the hills at least until i see the Surgeon again, which will be in February.  I’ve got 2  5K opportunities coming up in January and February, both with chip timing, so I wont have the odd gun start chip finish I had on New Years Day.  I am hoping to make a new PR for the 5K  at that point.

I’ve been reading a lot.  Enjoying a series which features detective Maisie Dobbs…but nothing really thought provoking, well Mark Whitakers Self written memoir which was pretty neat.  I had no idea he, the big guy at CNN was raised a Quaker, and went to my rival Quaker school George School.  But thats for another day.

If I can make it through this weekend and the upcomgin week, i may find some time to crawl into my privacy hole and get some rest!!!

How do you recharge when you feel like there is no time?


More little Updates

So more updates.  It’s a good thing that I am not blogging for money or anything because this is Booooring!
So whats new?
Work has finally settled down!   Easter  and the very incredible heat wave….seems to have allowed our older snowbirds to fly North.  whatever has done it….It is much nicer to go to work again.  We have some good new staff, and I hope they stick around.  I can not believe how much better I feel about going to work these days.  We still have some patients holding in the ED, but it is no where near as crazy as it has been.  So  Deep sigh of relief until about October…when everyone decides to go South again!
I have totally screwed up my taxes!  This morning when I was putting a call into my finance guy, I found another W2 for 2010 that I did not report.  I had thought my income total was a little low and my refund HUGE, and now I know the reason why.  Luckily my finance guy explained that all I really have to do is to go to somewhere and get a little help with filing an amended return.  Worst thing is that the huge refund has hit my account and I am terrified of it.  I do not know what to do.  I don’t want to spend it, nor put it in savings where it might earn like 2 cents of interest.  So hopefully, I can get this solved in 2-3 days.  I first called H and R block but the lady on the phone actually sounded so pedantic and uncooperative that I decided to go with Jackson Hewitt, but now they never called me back, sooo.  I will tackle it again tomorrow.  I have been told though that I shall not go to jail so that is nice!! But what a colossal waste of time…
The Orlando Magic are not  doing too well….they are now poised to make history  or togo down in ignomy for the year.
I started my 30 week marathon training plan this week.   I actually have been very obsessed with this upcoming race, which is sooo far away.  I have had 3 days off and I have been trying to clean everything and stock up on stuff like toilet paper so I don’t get distracted.  I was feeling pretty good about this, UNTIL I discovered my Tax snafu.  Ahh well.   On to running.
I think my blog may have been found by one of the Physical Therapists at the gym because last week when I was working out with the coach he made some sort of comment about “Nothing to blog about today?”  which made me laugh but then I wondered.  Ahhh well, there is not much that is private in here though it did feel weird that someone I only peripherally know might be reading this.  Complete strangers no problem, but people I interact with regularly,  well thats odd.
Running is going along well.  I am still moving along faster.  My hip gets agitated  when I do a lot of speed work on the treadmill, so I have only been doing a little bit of it.  I start PT on Friday and I hope that improves some things.  So far I feel pretty good about things…There are a few really fun races coming up in May so I am pretty hopeful for some good times.
Except I am really really tired all the time.   It dawned on my today that it is probably my diet.  It was been so horrendous.  I really did not make the connection until today….and then all of a sudden it dawned on me that all that Easter sugar and such…might be why I just want to sleep.
So I am going to improve my diet…and continue to work on getting more rest.
So Onward!

Life’s little updates….

So busy and yet not too busy all at the same time.

Work has been crazy lately.  The Florida Snowbirds are back in almost full force.  And the Nursing students are also out in full force.  I am not a real big fan of either.  But I try to love both as one set it the future, and the other set is paying my paycheck.  I would like to have a Vacation Vacation where I actually use Paid Time Off.  We work only 3 days weekly so we often will do something like work sun-mon-tues and then have the next 8 days off and work the last three days of the week.  I actually just want a vacation though.

THe Orlando Magic have played some of the worst basketball I have seen in a while….They Lost to the  Toronto Raptors.  Nothing wrong with Toronto, but the Raptors are not really a “sleeper team” that is about to emerge, they just aren’t a good team.  They are 3-9  this season.  The Magic sort of “phoned it in” on that game while the Raptors obviously had the game of the year…. Then they Lost again and finally started to show some solidarity and team playing to pull out a win.   They came very close to losing again against the NJ Nets, a team they had trounced earlier this year.  What’s up with them?  There is some lack of communication between some of the players, and I think they really took it easy for a few games thinking no one could beat them.  This has now been proven wrong.  I don’t forsee a championship season if the Magic continue to have so many turnovers and problems with fouling.

My Doctor did put me on Cholesterol lowering medication… It’s crazy!  I feel soooo old.  I am taking Welchol, which is an odd medication, one has to take 6 large pills daily.  Luckily I find I tolerate them better than I thought I would.  So I am now taking it, and hoping it tames the lipids.

Running.   I’ve had an OK week.  I worked the first two days, so Wednesday I went out to run 14.  I ended up running 7.  The 7 was fine as there is a 7 on my plan for the week, as well as 2 4’s and a 14.  Today I got all excited and pumped to run the 14. After running 7 I found it difficult, so I bumped back to 4, which was a tough run, but a good one.  I wanted to do the 14 so it would not be hanging over my head so much…it’s still hanging over my head…ahhh well.  After a day of rest- ie A working day- I should be better prepared.

Teulu….has had some issues this week.  I fed him a Pedigree Jumbone.  He has explosive Diarrhea for 2 days straight.  So he has been bathed, the tile floor has been mopped, the carpet has started to be shampooed.  And he has had most of the back of his “feathers” chopped unceremoniously off.  There was so much of the liquid poo embedded in all that fur that I decided when bathing him, to cut it off.  I am no groomer, so it isn’t exactly even on either side.  He looks a bit silly, but he is clean!!!  He stopped the explosions last night, but then vomited this morning…soooo…..I’m still watching him carefully.  He is otherwise cheerful, so…I am assuming that I shall never again give  a Jum-Bone to him!

SO that is it.  Mostly I am worried now about the 14.  I have never run 14 in a row.  I can not wait to get it over with….

and those are my updates….

Updates Updates….

Warning, I think these updates will be long, mostly focusing on running and health…but I do love your comments, so…please read me!

This week in running was an odd one.   I am super pleased because I did get pretty much all of the miles called for the in Marathon Training plan.  I am not pleased at how they all went.

My 12 mile run was a total disaster.  I have never been so frustrated with anything in quite a while.  I did well up until about the 6th mile, and then it just became a bit harder than expected.  This is going to sound a little silly, but I fully believe that part of my problem was a lack of appropriate planning.

1stly, I experimented with using only one GU, rather than the two I would normally use for a run of about this length.  I can’t believe the lack of 100 calories was responsible for the whole breakdown, but…I wonder if I couldn’t have used the second minor little caffeine boost that they have.  So I learned from that experiment,  2 GU for anything in the half marathon arena.

2ndly:  I have an issue with the West Orange Trail.  It runs for about 24 miles, so in theory it would be perfect for long runs.  It runs through some towns and in Winter Garden, a lovely town I simply have been unable to figure out where the heck it goes.  So I always end up turning around there (about mile 4.5ish) and going back.  My plan was to overshoot on to another trail, the South Lake Trail-North Hancock Extension.  and then come on back to my car.   So the deal was that the first 4 miles were at a great pace, then mile 5 got all weird because I stopped for water and Gu.  On the way back I realized that I really didn’t have the distance I expected to at that point, so I tooled around one of the lakes and started to feel confused. I like to know where I am going.  I finished on the Hancock trail and discovered there is an ENORMOUS hill just about 1.5 miles into the extension.  It is sharp and steep and miserable.  SO I finished that…up and then down…and then ran back to the start point and still had to overshoot some more to get the needed miles. So I slowed down, my pace was terrible.

this week is a cut back week, I only have to do 9 miles as a long.  I have planned it to be at a 15K race, so at least I will have something else to look at.

My other runs this week were interesting as well.

In laziness, I decided to go back to running from the gym, out and back so there was no extra driving about.  I had forgotten how bad the hills are in that route.  Wha hooey, it slowed me down.

The West Orange Trail has some hills, but they are really really gentle.  The Hills around the Hospital and the training center are more extreme.  So I am seeing my speed increase by about 10-20 seconds a mile.  SO I have decided I need to keep training on the hills and will use that route for my shorter runs.

For longer runs, I am going to have to plan something out, I do like to know where I am headed and I don’t want to go through that confusion again.

SO yay for all miles done, and boo hiss on the long run.  I am hoping the next one which will be 14, will be a little better.

I had my cholesterol rechecked.  I was so certain it had dropped.  Well, apparently the commercials can be right.  Even with all my running, swimming and Salmon eating…my cholesterol oddly went up.  My triglicerides which were already excellent, dropped even more…but my healthy cholesterol dropped, and my unhealthy cholesterol rose.  So I see my doctor next week, looks like medication is in my future.  I spoke with one of the Cardiologists about it, and he said I definitely needed something.  He expressed concern about the myalgias caused by the cholesterol lowering medications and my running plans.  So…I am going to see how this goes.  SIGH. I feel old…Medicine for breathing, medicine for cholesterol.  Well.  At least my Blood Pressure seems to now be under control.

Dating:  A few of the men I work with seem to be expressing interest in me.  They are nice, but I am really unsure.  Firstly, they are people I work with, so if it does not go swimmingly, well, there is always that awkward moment.  ANd people at work, love to talk.

Secondly, I think I have gotten so used to being single, and I am not sure I can deal with not being that way, so….

I am going this year to a Magic game, with someone sometime, and I am excited.  I gotta admit though, they started out playing pretty badly against the NJ Nets, so….hopefully the team will gel together a bit better and be playing better too…

OK, I think I could have written more but that should be enough to deal with right now.

So, what do you think?  Have you dated anyone form work?  How did that go?



More Updates….

So lets see.

Running.  I have had a good week running.  I need one more simple 3 miler to get all my miles in for the training plan.  Today’s run was one of those oddities.  I didn’t want to do it, but when I did do it, it was fine.  I was actually  very pleased with it.

I’ve been really really tired this week though after my 11 mile run.  So I am going to try to start to use something called Recoverite by Hammer Nutrition.  It’s apparently got some special malodextrin long chain sugars in it that help with muscle recovery.  I hope it helps.

We are heading into the Snowbird season here in Florida.  Florida needs the snowbirds.  They spend a lot of money 

here.  This is a huge boost to the economy here.  Unfortunately some of these snowbirds are really not healthy enough to travel.  They come here and clog up the hospital, especially because many do not establish care with a local physician.  Thus they arrive with complex medical problems, no local physician.  So, our peaceful little hospital is starting to show signs of strain already.  We are holding admitted patients in the Emergency Department.  Sounds nice, but each patient we hold decreases our ability to respond to the needs of the community.  Plus, we are not very good at duplicating the floor schedule.  So, For the next 4-5 months we will be working on the holds situation.  There are several contingency plans for this but somehow they never seem to work out like they do on paper.  Despite this, I do still pretty much like my job.  Being tired from running probably is not helping my personality though, so I am making a bit more of an effort to nap and try to get more rest so I can be more pleasant at work.

Teulu the Wonder dog is still off and on with his eating.  But he is still energetic and happy, so…I think I will rid myself of that bag of food and continue to monitor him.

The NBA season has started!!!!  I am excited about the Magic.  They are in top form and having picked up Chris Duhon this year (another former Duke Player) I think they are starting to have some really great depth to the team.  The first match up last night against the Washington Wizards was not really a challenge, so we will see how the season goes.  One of the Monitor Technicians and I are planning on going to a game to see the new Arena… (click on the link for a virtual tour).  The tickets are surprisingly affordable, so it should be fun.  Not sure if the tech  thinks this is a date or not, not sure I can handle any more dating, not sure I can’t. So I hope to sort that out!  Anyway, i am looking forward to seeing the Magic play the Heat and the Celtics!

Still reading.  Will get out a book review of a new book I finally just finished.

And Bonus, i have figured out what to get everyone for the Holidays, except my brother in law…….