First week of February Wrap up–Finding Paradise in Hell.

The first week of February was kind of a strange one for me both for training and for work.  My social life is pretty quiet.  (I have some good friends I see and my coach, and then there is the upcoming California trip to see my forever friend.)

I got a very regular workout plan that ended up being modified mostly by my work schedule.   Highlights and lowlights…

Monday marked the return of the Swim, Run, Swim, Run workout.  I was up for it, but apparently my body wasn’t. Who knew? Got through it. Swam, Ran,Swam, Ran…but I didn’t really love it.  I told me coach at the end that it was “SO HARD”  He reminded me that it was SO AWESOME.  I’ve renamed the workout the “Laundry Generator”.  I ended up feeling a bit like I’d been churned up in a washing machine. and believe it or not, there is a dance called the Washing Machine…

I recommend my workout over that dance.


Wednesday I did a little tempo run, which ended up being REAAALLLLLYYYY not a tempo run.  I was not feeling great, and the weather was quite warm, and I seemed to get going and then run out of steam.  The tempo was also increased this week by a half a mile, so perhaps I didn’t really pace it right because of the distance.

Saturday I missed my Brick entirely due to a work “retreat”  (8 hour meeting.)  The retreat served to increase my work stress.

Today I ran Seven.  I had stayed up late watching Sage win our US Gold Medal. I thought my run would be miserable and I admit to feeling dread and irritation…mostly mixed with true fear.  for some reason 5-6 seemed like short runs.  Seven suddenly seems on the edge of mid-distance.  As I was fooling about this morning I reminded myself this used to be the distance of my Saturday Brick run, the day before a 20 miler.  It never gave me much pause then.  The run went SUPER.  At first I was feeling so good about it, I thought, ah I am finally seeing progress.  Then I realized I had pretty much skipped the brick, so my legs were just super fresh.

So overall for the week:

8000 yards/meters swimming about 4.7 miles of swimming.  NO Wonder I was a little bored of the water.

Running Miles 18.5 ish.

Cycle miles WHAT? only 25.  I’m ok with that.  Missed the brick.

My coach is handling me with kid gloves with training.  When I told him I couldn’t do the Brick on Saturday, he initially said- skip it totally.  When I discovered that it might be possible, he still wanted me to skip or reduce.  I was thinking why didn’t he write a reduced workout to begin with then? He seems kind of nervous in the last month as we build.  I know he is just concerned, so, all I do is consistent work, and continue uninjured, and eventually I hope he will relax just a bit.

Work issues are hitting me left and right. My main issues are trying to prepare for the Joint Commission for accreditation. For the most part I am confident but there is one area of sterile processing that is terrifying me.  I’m not getting loads of help from the folks that do the sterile processing either.  So Nightmare.   Mid run today I had a thought, “I should just quit, this is making me so unhappy”.  There is a concept of finding paradise in Hell.   I am trying to embrace this, but I have to admit, the book focuses on people who are involved in human crises, where people cooperate and work together.  I’m involved in a situation which promises to be critical, but I can’t get anyone to cooperate.

Secondly, I am still trying to prepare for the certification exam.  Second chapter went much better than the first.  My post test was 73% right off the bat and showed some areas which with memorization will be no problem and would have raised the score probably to 80%.  I have heard the review questions are harder than the reality, I sure hope so.

So I am working to mitigate the stress, but the major way for me to do that is to mitigate the circumstances.  I find it difficult to forget about an issue unless I have it close to solved, or have a plan to get it solved.  In the cases of the processing thing and the exam…welll….