De-Clutter Weekend

This weekend was a De-Clutter weekend, organized here on WordPress by CrankyPants.

I actually found out about it on reading Hangaku Gozen’s Blog.  It seemed like a great idea.  My home is small, and I have recently been pretty sick, and busy so the place was rather cluttered.   Well.    It still is.   I actually though about it a lot over the weekend while I did almost nothing.

Today, I finally got around to the area I had decided was in serious need.

As agreed… before and after photos!

This is my little crafting area.  I had just used the table to make an informative poster for work, and also to wrap my Operation Christmas Child Boxes.  and to apparently throw everything that I can not figure out what to do with….

Well.  It took only a short time but this is what I have now.

Much better.  Everything that came off the table was either thrown out, or put somewhere appropriate (not in a new pile), or washed and put into a cabinet.

Nice and all ready for my next little project!


Crafty Moments here

It has been a while since I posted any sort of anything.   I have had a huge hassle getting the Physical Therapy I need.  By Wednesday, after much crying and Gnashing of my teeth, things seem to have been solved for the moment.   I am to have therapy with Skeletor.  He is a nice guy who seems quite on the ball.  I just hope that it works and that I will soon enough be able to run with out the hip weakness and all that. I trust in the plan laid out but I sure wish I could take a glimpse into the future just once.

Since I am not doing too too much physically, it was nice that this free pattern down load came in my email!    It is for a Jewelry Roll, for people to take their necklaces and such with them while traveling.  I admit, I dont know anyone who has that many bangles, but after looking at the pattern…It has neat little zippered pockets and if I replace the stupid ribbon tie with either snaps or some very fun Novelty buttons…I think we could have a winner for  a cute gift.  It is rated for a beginner, so I am going to get brave this weekend and try to make one.  I wonder though, I would like to make one for a friends daughter, but the friend also has a 6 yr old son and it is not really a boy thing, I think even if I made it in the most boyish material ever.

Anyone got some sort of easy pattern for something for a boy of equivalent size etc?

Life’s Little Updates

Well, It’s been a week since I updated.

Work has gone extremely well since that nightmare-ish day.  I have not been assigned those rooms again, though I expect that I will have them tomorrow.  I’m slowly starting to build up more tolerance to being at work for the full 12 hours, and to being able to sit in a regular office style chair. I am finding that I also have ALOT more patience so far with both the patients and the staff.  We will see if that lasts.

I came back on the week of pay, so I am having to wait 3 weeks for the next paycheck.  While I have money, I am annoyed because I am now transferring some from savings into checking.  Once I trap that cash into savings, I really really hate to move it out.  I suppose I

should work on that, I mean money is for using when you need it not for hoarding.

Though I am grateful for my hoarding it because now I do have some when I need it.  Still I am trying to avoid purchasing anything like say, fabric….until next friday when I will officially have a paycheck again.

I am studying for the Certified Emergency Nurse Exam.  We are all encouraged to take it, and of course it entails learning a lot of things that are not really relevant.  Like the names of all sorts of different spinal cord injuries.  The names are nice, but more important is knowing how to actually treat a Spinal cord injury.  But it’s a test, and if I pass, I get an extra dollar an hour in pay, and I become somewhat more employable, depending on the values of the hospital.  Some hospitals (like mine) value education and certifications and pay you more for having a Bachelors degree and advanced certifications.  Others, well, don’t care.  I’ve learned all sorts of interesting things, and hope that at some point I will find them useful when I am actually at work!

I find I am still really really exhausted all the time now.  Even on days when I am not working, it seems my body is either trying to recover from work, or on the opposite days, it is trying to recover from PT.  As a Plus to all this, I am sleeping really well.

Physical Therapy has gone well.  Ever since I busted that one adhesion loose the PT has been a lot more attentive to what I am saying, and has addressed every single problem.  I worked one day with a different PT and he was nice, and actually very funny, but I felt like it was a waste of a session almost because I was really nervous and he was not very familiar with me. But I did my program and he did some work on my piriformis, and all was well.   The biggest news I suppose is that there are multiple large areas of myofascial restriction in my left quad.  So much so that it was leading to me not being able to actually fully extend the quad muscle, which was leading to the continuing problem with my walking.  I’d been working on them with a rolling pin at home and massage, but to be honest the leg was so painful that I was not doing it very vigorously.  Yesterday the PT worked on it with the “deep prep”  muscle stuff.  I cried, it was the most painful therapy session I have had.  I felt terrible all night, and woke up feeling pretty stiff and sore, but after going and spinning on the bike and walking around a bit, it felt much better.  I saw the PT since the gym and the PT area are one in the same and he said he thought I was walking a ton better. I also feel like I am walking better, my hip feels somewhat loose and odd but good.  My leg today is bruised and somewhat swollen around that area, but he thinks it will heal with less restrictions and do fine.  We get to do it all over again on Tuesday, with a different PT again, but this time I made sure to meet her and with my PT we went over the tx plan which took about 3 minutes.

It is strange that we are now getting along very well.  I think it’s a combination of me being a TON less tense about recovery, and him starting to actually listen when I say something feels strange. (Since I was so so right about the adhesion and he sort of ignored me tell him that for a long time.)  At any rate, I feel fond of him now, and in a way I think I will be sad when I graduate PT which will supposedly be September 2.  Currently, I am only stressed because I Still can not run. Occasionally when walking the dog I jog across the street and each time I feel the impact it is really really too much.  I do miss being able to do that.

I go back to the Physician on September 7, and we will see how he feels about everything.

Other than that, I really need to start one of the quilts I want to make, I have been putting it off, for some unknown reason, probably because I am tired, and I am hesitant as I fear it will take a long time to applique it.  Plus the lady who used Equliter to design the wheel pattern is moving very slowly getting it to me or giving me any direction, so I feel sort of stuck.  I dont want to pressure her, and yet I want to get started.  She has gotten as far as making fabric requirements for the pattern.  And I hate to be an ornery chick, but I am going to change the back, and she may get upset, but maybe not.  I just know what I want, and she did not want it, but it’s simple and I can do it without a problem, SOooo….arrrugh.  I had to do a lot of pressure for the fabric requirements.  My concern is that while I can figure out most of the quilt, I can not do the applique without a pattern.  and the applique is the best part of the quilt.  And so on it goes.

So life is pretty Status Quo.  Though I do feel like I am making now great Progress in PT, and hope to be actually running in September.  Only one thing, I am now actually a bit terrified of the running, ah well….

Quilting Frenzy

in the past week, I have decided I really really hate Flannel, or flannelette, or anything soft like that for sewing.

Firstly I think I bought some less expensive flannel, and I am having trouble with it because of that.  I tried to tear out a seam today and the whole piece just sort of shredded.  THe striped flannel has held up the best.

This is the “frame” for my nine patch.  As you can see, I had some issues.  the squares are all supposed to come together nicely, but I measured a little off, I suppose and this is what happened!!!

After remeasuring  THIS is as good as it gets.

Well, I actually got it so that all four corners match up on most of the squares.  I have made 6 of the 18 I need.


I’m really hating the flannel.  It sticks to itself, and stretches in ways that regular cotton does not.  I can see it was a mistake to choose this fabric for a first quilt, but heck I didn’t know flannel stretched out like that.  It may also be that I inadvertently chose some lower quality fabrics.  I also am finding that a Toddler sized quilt is remarkably a lot bigger than I imagined!!!!

Not all of my stitching is 1/4 inch either.

I’m sitting here Listening to the washer go through the spin cycle and just thinking about the whole thing coming apart in there.  Maybe I should only wash on gentle…

On the PLUS side.  I did get most of the corners to line up on my blocks (I just didn’t photo them all.)

And I love the way the colors are looking together, I made good good choices.

I certainly am learning things.  I am really excited to start to work on my stars through the window quilt because  I have great fabric that is almost all of the same brand and quality so…it should be easier to work with, especially as it is cotton, plain cotton.

I am enjoying my new little hobby, but I do hope I get a little bit better at it, because I ahte to waste all the pretty materials.


QUilting choices…

So,  I’ve decided in my time off work that I will finally start doing a little quilting.

When I was younger, my Mom and I would make quilts together.  She never did super fancy patterns.  I think her most difficult one with me was one that is sort of like a Circle pattern.

Sort of like this.

Over the years, ALL of the quilts she and I made have had wear and tear and none of the ones I have that remain are really all that nice any more.  My Mother does not make quilts any more, so I would love to be able to make a few fresh ones in some more updated patterns.

I have in mind a little project for a wedding coming up.  The odd thing is that while I know the couple, I don’t know them super well, and since they are moving, I have no idea what type of color scheme would be appropriate.

Since they are both Tri-athletes, I thought I might do something like a bicycle theme.  I would prefer them to be swimmers as water themed quilts patterns are abundant.  But neither one likes the swim portion and a running quilt, seems sort of bizarre.

I, however, am not really into the campy “road map”  or quilts with Bike helmets appliqued to them.  They always look like more fun for kids rooms, not as a wedding gift.

I’m thinking of doing something with spokes….It was harder than I imagined to find something with spokes, that was not too frilly and such.

I like this pattern, but I would probably put a solid border around it and use some more green and blue fabrics, rather than the traditional “quilty”  fabrics.  And make the circle things smaller and the spokey things a little longer…

I just think it may  be a bit of a difficult for me, as I am not an experienced quilter.  I mean I know how to sew together blocks and iron them and such, but it has been a while.

What do you think.   Is it too busy?

and for Carol, especially, is it too hard?

My Other choice is a drawing I made, which is more modern, but may not be that nice in the end…

I’d of course get the pattern done out on graph paper and get help from my local shop.  In addition to the spokes I’d have to pick some sort of subtle contrast thread and actually quilt the thing in possibly some sort of small circular patterns, which would also be difficult…

So Opinions, Likes dislikes?  I like the first one because  it comes with a pattern, and I think with some updated fabrics it would not look so “country”  I also like the idea of being able to use several different colors for each block.

The second one I like because it seems to me to be a little bit simpler.

What do you all think???