This week in training and Life.

It was quite a week for me in training and in life.

Monday was pretty awesome as I just a short swim on the paper.  That didn’t take long, so I got to sleep in a bit.  The pool was chilly and that felt great on my legs which have been feeling a bit sore.

Monday evening I had a massage which was really good and worked out a lot of “stuff” (Aches and pains) and seemed to energize and loosen my legs.

Monday evening I also broke out into a rash on both shoulders.  Not sure if it was from the sheets at the massage place, or a new detergent or new soap, or what.  Anyway, I expected it to go away rapidly. Sometimes the guy uses a powder on the sheets- He has a mobile service so I am sure he washes and then stashes sets of sheets in the car and wants them to always smell nice.

Tuesday was a swim and run.  I swam, then I ran.  All went well.  Tuesday night was weights.  I did a very good focused weights workout, and at the same time felt fat and out of shape.  Stuff that used to be easy for me is now once again challenging.


Still the only way out is through. I worked up a sweat and enjoyed being at the gym.  I know lots of people go to clubs or bars to socialize and relax.  That is the gym for me.  I chatted with some people as I struggled through my weights workout.  It actually made things much better.  Over the last 2 years I have met and sustained some good “gym friendships”.  They don’t go further than the gym, but the support that we give each other is really great.  I’ve shared more with some of my gym friends than with my other friends.

Wednesday: Well.  On Wednesday…a Miracle occurred.

Seriously.   In late April, a cold front blew into Central Florida.  (It blew all over the Northern US as well, and for that I am sorry, but wow..we adored it).

I had a tempo run and the temperature was 48 F.

I thought it was actually 56 or so, but decided to don long sleeves.  By the end of the run my legs, in shorts felt a tiny bit numb.  (The cold wind blowing while running was probably why, not the 48 degrees, which for most is pretty warm.) This run just felt awesome.

love to run

I always need one of these runs every few months, because they just bring me such Joy.

Thursday was Speedwork.  I am OUT of the caffeine product I normally use on Speed workout days (and long run days.)  So I ran without.

Actually went very very well.  There was a moment in the last 800 repeat where I really wanted to shed several tears. I was so tired, and spent.

Friday was a long swim and run- the workout that killed me last week.  This week, it actually went better than expected.  The run felt HORRID.  My legs hurt, my breathing was off, I felt ICK, you name it.  But I just continued to pound away and in the end the time was appropriate and falls into the normal current times of my training bucket.

On friday I also got super annoyed with above mentioned rash, and went to the doctor.  The rash is contact dermatitis, from something (sheets, detergents, etc) but he noted my hair looked really thin and brittle so I have a bucket of lab test to do on Monday.  Which I am excited about, I sure would like my hair quality to improve.

Saturday- Impromptu Triathalon- swam at the Lake, biked and ran.  By 4 pm I could barely stay awake.

Today, I ran the Clay Road here.  It’s kind of a cult thing.  Lots of people run the clay road, but even MORE PEOPLE claim to do it and love it. I always hear how much people love it, and I know they’ve been out on it like 2 times in their lives, or less.  Today, there was one Tri team, 2 “old” guys  and me.  It is hilly.IMG_7347

It just kind of goes up and down and undulates through some beautiful farm areas of Florida- so Citrus and blueberries (we aren’t really corn and wheat kind of people). It was overcast and rainy which is the best way to run the clay as there’s no cover when it’s very sunny.  It was a tough one, but I got through it. Great training, big headwind.

On Facebook I have decided to do 100 happy days challenge. most days it’s easy but another friend of mine is doing it and on some days we have agreed that it’s a bit difficult to find something to be happy about.  I am trying to really LOOK for happiness rather than to post the typical photo of a large coffee.  So far I am not sure it makes me happier, but I do enjoy posting the photos daily.

Other than that, I want to take my certification exam. I am tired of studying even if I don’t know all the answers.  LOL. so going to do a practice exam and if it goes ok I will do some targeted studying and take the thing at the end of May.  Then wheee. I can concentrate on training.