New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions?  Are they the same ones you make every year, or….are you branching out in 2016?

The lady is IRRITATING, but… Interesting ideas here.

I do like to make resolutions and then see where I end up 365 days later (we get an extra day this year too in February!!!)  But this year, I kind of struggled.  I want to make some athletic goals, but I’m really still in the early stage of healing and so most of those goals can’t really be implemented. In addition, life is happening while I am healing so, I need something to focus on in the meantime.

So here are a couple of goals for 2016.

My MAIN goal is to set myself up to return to running.  Oddly one would think I was doing this already but in reality, i think I was so hopeless when the surgery happened and the aftermath I was very nervous in the immediate recovery period, that I tried really hard not to think about it, and as a consequence…I am currently not ready to ru never if I was 100% healthy.  So what goals go under this?

  1. Eat correctly.  I have a super sweet tooth.

stock-illustration-15279384-sweet-toothSo this is going to be really hard for me. Like many people, I eat well for a few months and then settle into a pattern of take out…some junk food and what not.  When I prepare food that I like it’s pretty easy to avoid the junk… I just have to actually prepare it.

2. Do the exercise I can do…within moderation.

I was recently cleared to use the elliptical and the stationary bike as long as my knees don’t come up high. I started on the bike and increased from 10 minutes daily… My quads…my quads have been burning. After a few days, I added in the Elliptical.  So by the end of this week I was doing 10 mins of elliptical, 20 mins on the bike, 50  minutes of walking on the treadmill and 30 minutes of pool walking every day.  One day my legs just started to hurt.  I need to adjust somewhat because none of this moderate exercise will get me in great shape.  Doing too much does irritate the nerve which is still healing.  So in support of my L5 nerve, I’m going to support it by doing a little less. A delicate balance.

3. Manage my Money better.

I’m not crazy with money management, but I have a tendency to get very disorganized and to have late payments not because I was lacking money but because I put off sending the payment in.  Already this year, I seem to have lost an entire coupon payment book.  (I’d do it electronically but there isa  14.00 fee for electronic payment!).

So… What I have done is take 12 envelopes for the coupon payments, write 12 checks, dated appropriately and addressed and stamped them all.  Each month I need to grab one and mail it at the appropriate time. This SHOULD be easier than making the time to write the check out each month and look for an envelope and stamp, right?  We’ll see.

In 2015 I upped my automatic contributions to both my savings and retirement accounts. I didn’t up them very much, so I seem to still not be contributing the MAX to the Roth. This year, I will try to contribute as close to the MAX as possible. This may be a bit tricky as I am also trying to finish furnishing the home.

4. Volunteer

Since I hurt my back I’ve not done any volunteering at all.  None.  Zilch.  I did serve the community as I gave fairly generously to the food bank in November and also adopted an older lady from the tree at the gym and provided her with bed linens and a comforter and a new outfit.  I tried to volunteer several times.  Each time I relayed the information that my back was bad, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I was asked to do something insane for a healing back- like “Set up tents” or “Rake the field for long jump”.  So at this point, I really have to be careful about volunteering and I suspect if I sign up for something like helping a kid with homework, I might have a better chance of success.

5. One totally time specific goal…

 RUN The TURKEY TROT In November 2016.  I might be visiting my parents, but there is ALWAYS a Turkey Trot.  The Turkey Trot in Carlisle PA was my first running race that I remember doing. It was an untimed race and  I was so overwhelmed by the entire experience I never even looked at the clock when I crossed the finish.  In truth I’d prefer to be in Florida and run the race where I had a massive PR and got to run with a bunch of running buddies, but… we’ll see where I am.

6. I should have some work goals.  My Goal for work is to survive through 2016.  That’s it.  I did a ton last year- I was published, I served on committees that I didn’t want to serve on, I volunteered for a lot of stuff that I regretted.  So… Here’s to getting through 2016 with a job.

SO, let’s all go “Kill it” in 2016.



Novice Cooking

I picked up a new hobby in the new year. Cooking!

 My Mom taught me to cook when I was a child. I am pretty good at the basics, eggs in a variety of ways, plain chicken breasts, tuna melts (Yum), etc but I have never really been one to actually cook with a recipe and everything!  I usually rely on Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice to do a lot of my cooking for me.  Being a calorie counting freak, I like the nutritional information on the side of the box.  It allows me to not worry obsessively about portion size or anything.

Two things, however, have changed my heavy reliance on these boxed meals.  Firstly Lean Cuisine is owned by Nestle.  Nestle has been associated with  boycotts  due to some scurrilous practices in Africa.  Nestle continues to have a hold in Africa, and I think, to exploit the continent in many ways, and I don't want to support them. Healthy choice is owned by Con Agra which has a bit of a better track record, though some bad debt does show up…

Secondly, I have to turn in food logs to my trainer now.  I was actually embarassed to have him see how I, an adult, subsist mostly on microwave meals. Though last week, he looked at my "Healthy choice French Bread Pizza" and said, Hey, these are really good, don't you think….Still….

So I figured there must be some way to make low fat/calorie food that still tastes nice.  Googling low-fat cooking I came across this website which has been super helpful. 

So far I have made Honey glazed scallops with cous cous, Mango shrimp kebabs, Tilapia with tomato relish, Asian Style Crockpot chicken, and low fat chicken curry.  All were quite good, excepting the Mango Shrimp Kebabs, and that was because I substituted so many ingredients it was sort of not the recipe. 

I find I actually enjoy the cooking, especially when the dishes come out great.  I enjoy the chopping of the ingredients, and going shopping for them.  I don't enjoy searching in vain though for things like capers and corn starch. (I've foudn them both now thank goodness.) I have really enjoyed learning how to make a decent curry…

Today I am making a beef stew, out of my head. Lots of root veggies, beef broth and beef soup with mushrooms, some bok choy, celery, tomatos and corn…and beef of course.  It's in the crock pot, and I really am excited to try it….but I may have to wait until tomorro, as things like carrots and potatos take time to cook in a crock pot.

Not sure I am ready for Shellakers Gooey Butter Cake but I am starting to feel likeI could serve up a few meals….

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Scallops, and some other things.

I cooked on Wednesday.  This is a big deal.  I am not much of a chef, and I tend to do things like trow a bunhc of veggies into a bowl with tuna some salad dressing and call it a meal.

I made a scallop dish that I found in a fitness magazine.  Scallops are very high in Protien, an low in fat.  I marinated the scallops in a honey, soy sauce, lime juice, sesame oil combo.  Then sauteed them and served over a couscous that also had ground flax seed in it with snow peas.  It was soooo yummy.  I'm definitely going to be trying more recipies this year. 


Been running to aggravate the injury pre MRI.  Its working, Injury is aggravated.  I wonder if it isn't a wierd tendonitis.  Hopefully MRI will tell.

I have been hating work lately.  I enjoy my co-workers, but its hard to be enthusiastic about abdominal pain day after day.  TOo much overtime.  cool thing, I did four hours OT last night.  Because we get incentive pay (and extra 20 or so an hour) and I got a night shift differential (4 bucks and some change added to my base rate), it worked out that it was like working about 10 hours for regular pay.  Thats a good mortgage shift. 

The scale and I are engaged in covert warfare.  I look good, but the scale numbers do not.  Soon, I hope. 

I really think I want to get a fish tank, I keep putting it off, but I imagine thats something in the future.  ALso need to get some plants for that garden window. I think it would make my home a little more private….

Been hitting the gym hard.  Hoping for good things…. but we'll see. 


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